2 years on….Happy Birthday!!

So, you may follow my Facebook page and read the post about our birthday! Its official, Cuppies ‘n’ Cream is 2 years old today (21 October 2013) – I can’t quite believe it has gone so quick! I’d love to sit down and work out exactly how many cupcakes I’ve baked so far… but I have a feeling it would take quite a while to do!  In celebration I have put together a little hamper package of cake decoration goodies and have used this for a little competition/giveaway – I cant wait to select the winner next week! If you haven’t entered yet, there is still plenty of time, click here for the link. 🙂

I feel completely overwhelmed with the support I have received from family, friends and fellow bakers.  Running Cuppies ‘n’ Cream has gone way further than I could have imagined, and this makes me feel quite happy.  I’ve learnt soooo much within the last two years and created cakes that in the past I would have just thought “no way, I’m never going to be able to do anything like that”.  I’ve stuck to my original principles – my cakes MUST taste amazing as well as look fab! I must remember that this is my hobby too, so I have to keep it fun… and I have since added a few extra principles on … don’t EVER try to recreate Mickey or Minnie mouse.. they will look strange, I just cant do it! don’t EVER drop a 2kg bag of icing sugar on your kitchen floor & finally, watch out for big steps – you don’t want to drop a cake down them (unfortunately this did happen to me once… just once) I learnt my lesson!

Once again, thank you again for your continued support.  I do appreciate it from the bottom of my heart.  I promise to keep my blog and Facebook page updated and have many new projects already scheduled that I hope you will enjoy hearing about as much I enjoy sharing them.  Onwards and upwards! May the third year for Cuppies ‘n’ Cream be just as exciting as the last two.

Natalie xx

Here are a few of my favourite creations from the last year:

IMG_5414 (480x640) IMG_4670 (640x640) IMG_4002 (640x480) PicMonkey Collage SONY DSC IMG_5723 (443x640)



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