How much ribbon for my cake?

Wrapping ribbon around the base of your cakes is quite a popular technique right now.  Whilst I do order the bulk of my ribbons online making sure I never have issues when measuring at home, occasionally I do get caught out.

I love shopping in ‘real’ shops and especially love cute little Haberdasheries and shops like Hobbycraft and John Lewis, but I’m often left guessing at the till when they ask me how many metres I would like.  Sometimes I just go by the ‘you can never have too much’ motto but this weekend, for the first time I was short! I had a last minute wedding cake booked in so I had visited Hobbycraft a couple of days before, purchased my beautiful purple ribbon, and then when it came to adding to my cake I was about 6cms short! So annoying, and I had to make another trip to buy more.

With this in mind, I have designed a little guide just in case I’m ever put on the spot again and I can refer to this. I even had to do a little bit of maths to work these out too! Never did I think I’d have to use the Pi formula for caking 😉

These measurements do allow for such things as your ganache or buttercream layer and your icing.


How Much Ribbon


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