My day in Notting Hill…

At the weekend it was my little brothers birthday (not so little really at 18, and he is so much taller than me) so we (or he) chose to have a little trip into London.  We opted to spend a couple of hours in Notting Hill, so I arrived a little early meaning I could mooch around the shops & generally hang around some yummy food places.

Portobello road

I wouldn’t normally blog about something so un-cake related but in the end decided that is sometimes nice to share some personal things, and I did find some fabulous little shops that I thought would be great to mention.  First off, I spotted a really really cute biscuit boutique! Its called Biscuiteers and it was just lovely to wander around and they even have a little café serving treats with coffee and teas. They also offer various biscuit type lessons if you wanted to learn how to create some of the lovely designs.

Here are a few images of the shop and a few bits I purchased to help cross off some items on my Christmas shopping list:


Moving on, I hit Portobello market! Despite living so close to London (25 minutes on the train) I had never been to Notting Hill so was excited, and quite rightly so! Wide-eyed,  enthusiastic and admittedly there was a secret little part of me keeping my eyes peeled for Hugh Grant 😉 The area is quite overrun with tourists, and even though you can spot a tacky souvenir shop in between the lovely antique shops, it still has a lovely bohemian charm to it.   It was sooo good for fresh food and vintage china and I love treasure hunting for vintage brooches and trinkets.   I’d highly recommend going on an empty stomach too. Stall holders will let you, in fact encourage you to try their fresh wares!

I do try to limit my bread intake but nothing can beat a fresh slice of white bread loaded with butter and jam so imagine how hard it was to resist buying a loaf from this stall! Oh Notting Hill, I love you!


Another little treasure I stumbled across was a craft shop called Lyndon’s Stitch & Beads.  It is purely stocked, wall to wall, with ribbons! They have your standard ribbons for every day use, but also some fabulous one-off designs.  I was in ribbon heaven and by the time I had reached the till had to put some back as I had gone a little crazy.  They do stock other crafty related items too such as knitting equipment & buttons.

Ribbon heaven

Ribbon heaven

My brother had started to get a little peckish and what with all the wonderful smells of food wafting around it was starting to make him quite hungry! His first choice was a fresh waffle with fresh cream and strawberries.. he’ll hate me for sharing this photograph but I just couldn’t resist..

Strawberry waffles

Strawberry waffles

Along the way we came across Hummingbirds bakery, but whilst I did manage to squeeze in, as it was very busy, after queuing for 15 minutes I gave up! I sooo wanted a slice of Red Velvet cake but had to settle for a photograph instead 🙁

Hummingbird Cakes

Hummingbird Cakes

Here is a just one stall that sells the traditional English China teacups and saucers with matching cake stands. I have always loved Delft (the blue and white style) and have something in my mind that I am looking for but unfortunately couldn’t quite find the right one.  It was lovely to spot a little set though that my Grandma had when we were little and my Mum and I ooh’d and aah’d for a little while over it.

Pretty China

Pretty China

After lots of food, cupful’s of mulled wine, a few beers (it was my brothers 18th remember) we headed over to Harrods to admire the Christmas decorations and prettiness.  The food hall is my favourite section (surprise, surprise) so here are a few of my favourite things… and a cheeky little shot of my Mum and I relaxing with a glass of wine to take our minds of our sore feet!

Cupcakes, Macaron's and pretty lights

Cupcakes, Macaron’s and pretty lights

Mum and I, tired but still smiling


Go on... let me know what you think below...