Candy's Cakes – Review

Cupcake shop in a tube station?! Coolest location ever! Happily strolling along in Baker St. tube (convenient name), travelling down the escalator when I spot a cupcake sign out of the corner of my eye (I never miss them), so back up the escalator I go! I wonder how many people have actually done that for the love of a cupcake? I was in no rush – the tube comes often enough!

Candy's Cakes

Candy’s cupcakes is right in the main entrance, and even though its tucked away in the corner it stands out as the colour scheme of the shop is bright green and pink! Its soo typically cupcake, if you know what I mean? Best of all, there was no queue, no rushing and whilst no seats (perfect pit stop) there is also no pressure to hurry up and choose!


The front of the bright coloured shop


Cupcakes galore! check out the pretty piped roses on the top row too

My favourite choice of cupcake is always Red Velvet, closely followed by traditional Vanilla so I always order these. I opted for a box of 4 – noooo, not to eat all at once! To take home and slowly work my through (ahem.. promise) so my final two choices were Oreo and Malteaser. Price wise I thought they were quite reasonable! £9.40 for 4 = £2.35 each. Whilst waiting for my cupcakes to be boxed up I noticed the shop also serves ice-cream and has a huge variety of sweets too.


Little bit messy looking, but they did have to endure a packed tube!

The box was sturdy, the bag non-flimsy and they made the journey home (which in rush hour tube travel can be tricky)! Everyone pushes, shoves and so I had to protect my cupcakes from being bashed! No-one enjoys a squashed cupcake!

Now, the most important part – the taste test! Armed with a big mug of my favourite coffee I started with the vanilla. I could tell the icing wasn’t real buttercream, but nevertheless it was OK. The best part was the cupcake – it was fresh, it was home-baked and certainly made with fresh ingredients (not a packet mix like some bakeries I know use) the vanilla taste was just right and I really enjoyed it! Second up was the Oreo and again it was yum! the chocolate sponge was very ‘chocolaty’ and rich, plus super moist – just how I like them! These two were my favourites and I would definitely buy them again. Oh and whilst I waited until the next day to try the Malteaser cupcake and it wasn’t as fresh, it was still yummy and enjoyable. 🙂


Vanilla Cupcake


Oreo Cupcake

Now the disappointing part, well not crazy disappointing, and remember this is just my opinion. The red velvet was strange! It wasn’t moist (not enough buttermilk) there was no hint of chocolate and the colour was more browny than red.. definite improvement needed. I also like cream cheese icing on my red velvet cupcakes, which this one didn’t have.

So overall, 3/4 cupcakes were delicious – that’s not bad right! In fact I think its great. Next time I pass I’ll be sure to try a different flavour to compare to. Maybe the Red Velvet was just having a bad day!

Have you been to a Candy Cakes café? Did you do know they have a few locations dotted around London? There is even one in Hamley’s toy store – perfect if you have children!


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