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Recently my boyfriend and I have been eating out a lot and when the sun decides to show its face we can’t help but jump on the train into London. We are very lucky that we can be there within 30 minutes. So last week we did just that, and before we attempted to hit Oxford Road for some retail therapy I remembered that The Attendant wasn’t too far away and wandered over to experience what sounded like a very quirky coffee shop!

We love coffee, and I actually have a little checklist for finding the perfect coffee shop; independent, fab coffee in proper cups and of course, a great selection of fresh cakes. Oh and free Wi-Fi and friendly staff is always a added bonus.  The Attendant ticks all those boxes for me.

Down we go…


So , we ate cake and drank our coffee at a urinal in an abandoned public toilet (yes really) and loved it! But if you are reading this going all “ewww” on me you’ll be happy to know that the 18th century public toilet on Foley Street has been scrubbed.. and scrubbed again and is now lovingly transformed into the café it is now. Its true, the urinals are so clean you could eat off of them – if you really wanted to! They do provide plates though 😉 So if you’re feeling flush, pop along for breakfast or a lunchtime treat. (Sorry, I really had to get a cheesy pun in there somewhere!) And you don’t need to be flush at all, as shown in the photo gallery below the prices are actually pretty reasonable too.


The Attendant is actually below street level, and because we visited on a very warm day I expected it to be quite stuffy, but it was in fact the exact opposite.  I found it cool, and relaxing.  Taking a break from the sunshine and the hustle and bustle of a Friday afternoon in London was lovely.  It’s quite small, with stools by the urinals and an area at the back with tables and chairs too.  The really have made best use of the space though and we were easily seated.

The food…

It really is just very cool.  1 because it’s so unique and 2, because the cake was delish and my Americano was lovely.  It tasted smooth and citrusy.  My boyfriend had a flat white which he also complemented.

I’ve since found out the coffee is provided by Caravan.  What’s also worth knowing is that the milk is from Ivy House Farm, in Somerset,  they have 120 Jersey Cows, rear all their own calves and grow the feed for their cattle.  A snippet from The Attendant website says “Knowing that our milk has come from a farming family who care for their animals, we thought it was worth paying that little bit more for.”  And I totally agree.

PS: Quite ironic really, but don’t expect to able to use the loo when you are there, they actually don’t have any! No, really. They don’t..

I will definitely head back to The Attendant when I am next in the area. I just love that even an old facility such a men’s public loo can be efficiently refurbished into such a lovely café!

Form an orderly queue, people!

Here are a few more photos to enjoy too – its a very photogenic café!

Natalie xx



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  1. 3rd July 2014 / 6:50 pm

    Looks like a great place to ‘spend a penny’!!

    • 17th July 2014 / 1:58 pm

      Alison, I’ve only just seen this comment! Made me laugh 🙂

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