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If you are a regular reader you may have spotted that I teach cake/cupcake decorating classes over at the immensely gorgeous Cake College.  It’s been such a success for Lucy (the owner) that introducing new classes was the obvious next step, and when she asked me if I would be happy to teach some new classes in addition to the existing ones, how could I refuse? I mean I get to meet lots of fun new people, drink tea/coffee all day and then get to revel in seeing people create beautiful designs and leaving super happy! Perfect day in my opinion… I’ve also learnt that baking spare cupcakes for me.. sorry for everyone (promise) to eat throughout the day goes down quite well too… 😉

Celebration Cake Class

Celebration Cake Class

I’m still going to be teaching the popular Flowers & Swirls class as this has proved to be a firm favourite along with the Painted cupcake class, but now we have added a Vintage Cupcakes class and a cheeky little Celebration Cake class also.  Oh and if you really love keeping up with new trends we will also be teaching a brand new Chalkboard cake class which will be launching very soon! That’s 5 classes for me now! Eek.. pressure… 😉

It’s also worth mentioning I’m not the only tutor at the college:  Lovely Lucy from Lucy’s Edible Toppers hosts classes as does the talented Jenni from Nightingale Cakes.  The classes they teach are so cool and I keep meaning to actually attend them myself!

AND.. just to make it even more exciting The college are currently offering 10% of all cake classes booked from now until Sunday evening (26 April 2015) at 10pm –  You can use the discount code ‘FB10’ to get the discount when booking.  Full details can be found on the College’s Facebook page by clicking here.

Vintage cupcake class

So, I thought it would be nice to share a few past photos from classes so you can see how lovely the days look.  They go exactly as planned whilst remaining chilled, relaxed and everyone has such a fun time! Occasionally we will have a student who arrives and has it completely fixed in their head that they don’t have a creative bone in their body.  What do we do? We show them the techniques and skills required that are so easy to follow anyone can do – and then prove it by taking a happy snap at the end, their faces beaming at the creations that they made!  I also have many more photos on my own Facebook page if you wanted to check them out.

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Have you attended a class at The College? How was your day? Feel free to comment below and if you haven’t yet been and decide to I look forward to seeing you. <3


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  1. 23rd April 2015 / 5:38 pm

    What a great job you have!

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