5th May 2015

How to Set Up A Naked Wedding Cake

Lot of people ask me how to set up a naked wedding cake and I’ve come to realise that it’s something that freaks people out. A lot. It really shouldn’t as they’re actually relatively simple, even on a hot day. Yes, really. So long as you stay totally organised and prepared you too can end up with a beautiful naked cake which is level, sturdy and looks delicious.

I think naked wedding cakes first became popular back in 2015 and they match the whole rustic, barn-feel type of wedding.  They look and taste fresh.  They’re sweet and unpretentious yet oh-so-pretty.

pink semi-naked wedding cake

Because they have such a natural, organic look to them I personally don’t think sugar flowers or fancy decorations work that well, and fresh fruit or real flowers pops out so much more!

It’s All About the Baking

For me these cakes are purely about the baking and the taste; you need light edges, even bakes and overall a sturdy but fluffy sponge! It’s a real chance to let your baking skills shine through.

I’ve made around 60 cakes like this now and I’ve learnt the key to setting up a naked cake is all in the preparation.

Tips for a Perfect Naked Cake

So, here are my Top Tips to help with the whole naked cake set up:

The Decoration

Tips for a Perfect Naked Cake

There we go

My top tips for a successful perfect naked wedding cake. Follow these and you can be sure of a successful end result. One more tip – chill out and enjoy it! I now love these cakes and can’t wait to crack on with the rest I have booked in this year. I’ve luckily got a few variations in too, salted caramel fillings, melted chocolate, crushed hazelnuts. I wonder if I can wangle an invite just to enjoy a slice… 😉

 If you need help with regards to pricing your cakes check this post out.

4 responses to “How to Set Up A Naked Wedding Cake”

  1. speddinga says:

    Looks absolutely delicious! You make it sound sooooo easy… Which it clearly isn’t!

    I could really eat a big slice of that right now…. Mmmmmmm

  2. vanilla butterfly cupcakes says:

    gorgeous natalie x

  3. Cuppiesncream says:

    Hi Catherine, you’ll be fine! They are so much fun to make. Would be great to see your final cake too so don’t forget to share 🙂 Natalie xx

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