Things that made me smile last week… 

Last week was a manic week! I was quite tired so there have been a few random cat naps involved… I’m a big fan of a sneaky nap on the sofa.. 🙂

But instead of moaning I thought it would be nice to share the things that made my week, rather than the parts that didn’t. Positive attitude and all that…

1. Seeing my lovely friend Lucy from Lucys edible toppers, even if it was brief, she’s hilarious… We must fit the most amount of words possible into 10 minutes than anyone ever has!

2. Starting the week with a fabulous class over at The Cake College. It’s always fun & I love meeting new people.  Four of today’s students were repeat students too – that’s a good sign surely!

Great cakes ladies!

3. My son getting overly excited when he realises I have chocolate fudge cake scraps saved for him… My biggest chocolate cake fan right there…

4. Setting up a wedding cake and realising that compared to 3 years ago I now can set up super quick, everything goes as it should & I don’t forget anything… And then checking out my photos and being proud that I know it’s perfectly level & neat… May sound a little braggy, I’m sorry… But I work super hard to get those corners and this really does make me smile. Full album for this cake is on my Facebook page. 5. Finally.. It’s a bank holiday weekend, it’s half term & I have a few days off! Even though I’m already wondering if I should bake those cookies tomorrow I’ve been meaning to do for a while now… Let’s see how long I can stay away from the oven… 😝

So, short and sweet post today but fingers crossed this week is a good one too! I have some Beatrix Potter cupcakes I can’t wait to make a start on.


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