17th July 2015

10 Top Tips on How to Become a Cake Decorator

Just a few little thing’s I’ve learnt that I don’t mind sharing.  You may be able to relate to one or two. But if you’re serious about becoming a cake decorator, you should definitely read these 10 ten top tips first!


I’ve seen a few of these posts doing the rounds online and thought I’d write my own version of how I’ve found becoming a cake decorator has literally changed my life… my house.. my appearance…like I said – my life!

Before I started cake decorating I thought it was dead simple, a few tins, an oven and a mixing spoon! How wrong was I…

I’m not an official trained baker, I’m a self-taught, hands on, learn as I go type of baker. So as time went on I realised just how naive I’d been!

Let’s go!

1 Your kitchen

Will turn into your cake room. It will be known by your family members as the cake room.  Everything will have a coat of icing sugar on it, and you will find buttercream in places you didn’t know buttercream could get into to! Your cupboards will be overtaken by tins, ingredients and sprinkles.  You will run out of dishcloths and tea-towels – I swear I must buy these non stop and they always disappear, the sock monsters naughty twin maybe? Hobbycraft will be your new favourite shop because they have the best storage solution ideas.

Want to become a cake decorator? You should read this first...

2 Its pricey!

All this cake stuff costs a lot of money and you’ll be wondering why you didn’t go into supplies yourself! Oh and its expensive because you need it all! Yes, every cutter, every colour gel, every new item you see on your Facebook newsfeed! Unless you are good at restraining yourself, unlike me. Your bank account balance may suffer.

3 Cakespiration

You wont be able to go anywhere without seeing ‘cakespiration’ whether it’s just to the corner shop, the park, the supermarket, school, even in a bar drinking a cocktail. Everything is cake! Ahh look at that pretty flower a normal person would say. A cake decorator thinks “oooh that would look pretty hand painted on that cake in August” or “oooh I could make that out of gumpaste no problem”.

4 Late Nights

No matter how many rules you set about not staying up past 11pm to finish decorating a cake you will be up until 2am, possible 3am! Every Friday night… you may even fall asleep at the table (Once, it only happened to me once!).  When everyone else that you know is saying “Thank god its Friday” you don’t get that feeling until Sunday!

5 Diet Coke

You will develop a diet coke addiction and your boyfriend/husband/partner will have to put you on rations! Or is that just me?

Want to become a cake decorator? You should read this first...

6 Food Colouring

Wilton Light Blue food gel does stain your skin.. this includes your forehead and your cheek and takes about 3 days to wash off. (Can you tell I’ve experienced this?) Latex gloves are the answer to this.

7 New friends

Your dishwasher will become your new best friend.

8 Fondant obsessive

You will always be on the hunt for the best fondant, the one that doesn’t crack, the one that kneads well, the PERFECT fondant.  You will try all the brands out there and then when you find your favourite order in bulk as they’ll most likely go out of stock when you need it most!

9 Your figure

Unless you can resist eating the cutoffs, the spare cupcakes, the delicious fillings then  you’ll either need to find some more time to exercise or you will gain at least a stone in weight.. that’s normal! Oh and carrot cake isn’t healthy just because it has some veg in! Its still full of butter. Yes, I’ve told myself a few times I’m allowed to eat the cut-offs for this reason… guilty!

PERFECT fondant

10 But it’s worth it

Finally, if you agree with what I’ve said then you’ll most likely also agree with me that the best part, the part that really does change your life is when you deliver a cake and the customer falls in love with it! They send you a million messages saying thank you, they don’t want to cut it because its just too pretty. That part is the most rewarding.

This post was just a little bit of fun (based on my experiences) and I do of course love cake decorating or I wouldn’t be in my 3rd year now.  Hope you enjoy this post and feel free to share any of your ‘life changing’ moments.

4 responses to “10 Top Tips on How to Become a Cake Decorator”

  1. Amal Bolbol says:

    Oh Natalie, you have made me giggle and yes I think I’ve done / experienced just about everything you’ve described…. Mine is a zero coke and espresso addiction tho haha! I’ve just completed my 1st year 🙂 there have been tears, tantrums and self doubt but the best bits are just what you said! When you’ve surpassed a customers and your own expectations and they’re overjoyed with what you have made them. Makes all those 3am finishes worth it eh 🙂 x

    • cuppiesncream says:

      Oh we all have tantrums Amal! Mine tend to be at around 2am when I’ve dropped a full pot of something on the floor! 😉 Glad you enjoyed this post and relate! I’m now 10 days clean from diet coke! My teeth are pleased 🙂

  2. Nylah says:

    LOL this is brilliant and I can totally relate to some of them 🙂

  3. speddinga says:

    Much the same for me… Just substitute ‘cake tins’ for ‘camera lenses’ or camera kit in general!

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