22nd July 2015

Pretty Vintage Cupcakes

I recently received an order from a lovely customer of mine who I once had the pleasure of creating wedding cupcakes for.  This time she was organising her friends hen party and wanted something “non-rude” – her words.. not mine! 😉 I totally knew where she was coming from though.  Whilst I have nothing against the crazy willy, pink boa, L-plate hen party themes, and have organised a few myself, it was nice to have some classy hen party cupcakes to create.  Plus with children running around my house, vintage cupcakes don’t encourage difficult questions! If you know what I mean…


I was able to be quite flexible on the design so long as I used the colours sage green and violet.  So I decided to incorporate two of my favourite mediums – cake lace and hand painting.  Both of these techniques are firm favourites of mine.

My favourite brand of Cake Lace is the Claire Bowman range. Its very simple to use and very flexible too! I’ve found other ranges to be just too delicate and have a short shelf life.  Cake Lace is fab as you can make in advance, wrap up and get out again at a later date.  For these cupcakes I used the Butterfly mat, which also helps you to create 3D butterflys – as seen on these cupcakes.  

So one evening armed with Pinterest (which I love for inspiration), my iPod spinning some tunes (Pharrell’s latest album, just in case you are nosy like me) I sat down and started making these little pretties.


The first step is to cut the round discs which you do need to be firm in order for them to sit nice on your buttercream swirls.  I use Carma Massa sugarpaste, with some added Tylose powder (which helps them set hard). I actually did these the night before I started adding the prettiness.  That way they have time to firm up and are much easier to decorate.  I use the round cutters from Purple Cupcakes too. I like them as you have the nice fluted side – used on this cupcake below:


Hand painting is pretty simple and actually quite therapeutic too.  When I first started I used to be very slow and scared of every brush stroke! But, my tip – just go for it! Seriously, just paint.  The advantage with using Sugarflair gel colours is that if you make a mistake you can fix very easily with a clean brush, a tiny bit of water and some kitchen towel! I actually used Superwhite to paint these with a little bit of Grape Violet. Ta-da!


I hope you like these.  I certainly did and just wanted to keep them in my kitchen looking all pretty.  What are your favourite techniques to use?


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  1. Miss Rei says:

    those cupcakes are so adorable… 🙂

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