15th August 2015

Are you ambitious?

Ambitious is actually quite a scary word I think.  Not only that, it can also have a completely different meaning to each one of us.  For me, I say I’m ambitious as I love to experience new things, learn new talents, work for what I have and ultimately be proud of what I have done.  What’s so scary about that you may think.  Well, what’s scary is what it can be turned into or misinterpreted as!

I’m writing this blog post after recently appearing in the Daily Express for an article entitled “Striving to be perfect almost ruined our lives” Now I knew what the article was going to be about (obviously) I provided my words, my quotes, talked about my life and how it works, even had a little photo shoot too. (That was exciting), but this headline actually suprised me the morning it appeared online! I was like “Whooooah, that’s attention grabbing” and I totally don’t think I am or have ever wanted to be perfect! I was actually quite worried about what I was going to read next! But, the more I read, the more I realised it sounded quite good! It was personal, it was real-life and I’m also pretty sure I’m not the only woman out there who has juggled a ton of responsibilities at once!

So, whilst I did receive some negative comments from friends (yes really) on this article I decided to ignore them, they clearly just didn’t ‘get-it’ or understand the aim of the interview.  It got me down a little, I was upset but then I realised that was pointless, ate my jam on crumpets and moved on.  So I’m holding my head up high and living the moment! It was so much fun on the photo shoot (more of that later), so exhilarating to get my point across and just generally a really good experience! I was in a newspaper! A newspaper that thousands of people read! I’ll say that again in hope that my proudness comes across – I – yes me – was in a newspaper!!!

Oh and my inbox was pretty full of new enquiries, my website stats were higher than they ever had been! Now that’s pretty cool.

So, moving on.  When I was first contacted to take part the photo desk team originally wanted to come to my house, take photos of me baking, prepping a cake maybe, mixing up some icing.  I thought this would look great, but then had an idea that I imagined being so much better.  Why didn’t they come to an actual cake set-up with me? I had a wedding booked in the same week and it seemed like the perfect plan. Plus I knew the venue and set up would be lovely as I was working with Special Days and Beyond Vintage who are both brilliant at what they do.

I was pretty nervous on the day, didn’t have a clue what to wear. Pretty frock? posh dress? In the end.. it was my faithful Levi’s and stripy GANT top! I needed to be comfy and wanted to just be myself.  I didn’t need to worry about my hair and make-up, nor the spot that decided to make a special appearance that morning, as when I arrived the fabulous Sherri from Sherri Warwick Hair & Make Up was all set up waiting for me with her fancy hair curlers and magic box of make-up! It was such a treat to have someone else do this for me. And there was no trace of that spot whatsoever! She used a lipstick which I’d never choose myself but ended up really liking – what was that Sherri??

Finally, I had the pleasure of posing for the talented Dave Willis – he was so organised! He made me feel totally at ease, and directed me a little, actually a lot – I really didn’t have a clue where to look, what to do with my arms, how to stand – literally I can smile and that’s it!

Oh, and of course I can’t forget to mention the actual cake! It was my first ‘naked’ wedding cake and I loved creating it along with the summer flavoured cupcakes.  This is exactly the kind of cake I’d have too! It was special to the bride and groom as the table had all their family photos placed around and just looked really special.  Definitely one of my favourites yet.

So, to end this post I’ll say that having ambition is great! Whatever you want to do just do it! Keep going, get up again when people knock you down, don’t be afraid, take risks and most of all – ENJOY IT!

Natalie xx




3 responses to “Are you ambitious?”

  1. speddinga says:

    Excellent article and blog…. What I really want to know is how are you so thin when you make all those lovely cakes? I wouldn’t be able to resist testing a few out!

    • cuppiesncream says:

      Thanks Alison!! Umm I don’t! I’m currently 2 stone heavier than what I was before I started! The last two weeks I’ve taken to watching the Bake Off on the treadmill!

  2. Sharon says:

    Great photos and blog post. Yes, the cake table was super special to us with all those photos and we utterly loved the taste and design…and so did our guests!
    We are glad to have been your first ‘naked’ clients!!! I am sure you will get many more people wanting a similar theme as this one was so great!

    Mr and Mrs Davy!

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