29th October 2015

The Ollie Young Foundation

I quite often get lovely emails and messages from charities asking me to help with providing cakes and cupcakes for their cake sales, in order to help raise money.  In my first year of running Cuppies ‘n’ Cream I was saying yes to everything as I didn’t have the heart to turn them away, and really enjoyed helping out.  I wish that I could have carried on with this but I had to make the tough decision to narrow down my charity cake donations and now only provide to two special charities a year.  Everyone has charities that are close to their heart or have sentimental value so one charity I chose to support was The Ollie Young Foundation. 

The Ollie Young Foundation is a UK brain tumour charity providing vital funds for research and support.  It was launched in memory of a brave little boy who lost his fight against an incurable brain tumour one day before his sixth birthday and only twelve weeks after first displaying symptoms. There was no available treatment for Ollie, no cure and no hope.

The OYF really touched my heart and I will always support them as much as I can.  I love how positive the whole team are, how they keep the fundraising fun and happy, whilst reaching out and involving so many people.  One idea I love is that they have blue wristbands and have devised a little ‘Ollie’s Jollies’ travel theme where they try to get as many pictures of the bands on their travels – quite often they catch celebrities wearing them too!

For the last two years I have provided Halloween themed cakes for their Halloween Discos in a attempt to raise as much money on the raffle as possible.  Last year (2012) I provided a chocolate cake in the theme of a Cauldron and this year (2013) I provide a two-tier cake with a rather funny theme – a witch flying into the side of the cake!

The cakes I’ve made


Crazy Witch cake – 2013

The lucky winners of the Halloween cake

The lucky winners of the Halloween cake

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  1. I am really sad upon reading the story of Ollie. He is very cute and so young. However, he is a good inspiration for people out there to help those who have suffered from brain tumor. Despite what happened to him, he has helped lots of people. What an angel.

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