7th February 2016

My favourite fondant…

During my time baking and creating cakes I have tried quite a few different fondants (also known as sugarpaste or ready rolled icing) but I have never found one brand that I have 100% loved.  I’ve really liked a few, but always had a few issues with either one of them, and I’ve really hated one or two as well!  But, I try to follow the  “a good workman never blames her tools” rule and work with each brand of fondant in a different way.  As I create quite a few cakes and cupcakes on a monthly basis I go through quite a lot of fondant so finding that perfect one has always been quite an obvious important factor and lots of different criteria’s come into play.

So far I have experimented with Renshaws, Covapaste, Satin Ice, Tesco’s, Dr. Oetker, PME Sugarpaste, and finally Cake Stuff Couture.  For me, I really like to use high-end products as I find they produce a far more professional finish.

I’m always aware that you quite often hear of people saying things like “I actually really don’t like the icing” or ” I always peel it off anyway” so I have always found flavouring my fondant or being able to roll it quite thin is an important factor for me. I hate the ‘elephant skin’ effect too (when you fondant has unsightly weird little cracks) so finding a fondant that is easy to smooth and handle is very important.  Finally, for some designs I need to colour the fondant, so this is another important factor for me and the colour must take and blend well.

So, based on the above, here are the 6 key criteria points that I look for when using fondant:

Taste / Smell / Ease-of-use /  Finish / Flavouring & Colouring / Price

Out of all the fondants I’ve tried (mentioned above) I have used Satin Ice the most regular.  I find it tastes really lovely, it has a lovely professional finish but on the downside its hard to fix any tiny flaws as it dries so quick.  So in the back of my mind I’ve been searching for a new fondant – and now I’ve found it!!! So exciting.

Last night I covered three cakes and they were perfect! Not in an arrogant way, as the fondant I used was so good you really couldn’t go wrong.  It tasted amazing, it kneaded well, it rolled lovely, it lifted great and the smoothing? Well, what can I say – I covered a 6″ deep cake with absolutely no issues; no cracking, no slipping, no bumps. I was so happy – my cake is now sat on my kitchen worktop looking perfectly smooth, silky to touch and just looks so professional. I now have the perfect surface for my cake painting design later on today.  So, you want to know which brand I love so much? Its made by Cake-Stuff and is called Cake Stuff Couture.  Its reasonably priced, its also suitable for vegetarian’s and vegans too. Seriously, if you are having doubts about your existing fondant, you really must try this.

Happy covering 🙂





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