Baking tips: Perfectly light sponge…

Below are my three main tips for ensuring your cakes and cupcakes come out light, fluffy & melt in your mouth yummy. If you are getting dense, sunken, sad looking sponge cakes then these tips will 100% work for you – yes, I am that confident πŸ˜‰

Tip 1: Think light and fluffy clouds…

To me this step is one of the most important stages when baking. Its the starting point of your mixture and without doing this part correctly, you won’t get the results you are hoping for. You need to make sure your unsalted butter is at room temperature. Too cold and you’ll be there forever, too warm and it will just too runny. Whether using your mixer or beating by hand beat the butter first to ensure it is nice and smooth, then add your sugar. Keep going until it is well combined, paler in colour and you cant see any grains of sugar left – when well beaten and creamy you are done.

Tip 2: The all so special eggs…

When you add your egg into the butter you are mixing one fat with another. Always crack your eggs into a separate little bowl and whisk up with a fork. I tend to add to my butter/sugar mixture in 3 equal pours. Cracking in a separate bowl is good as it ensures you get to check the eggs are all good and it stops you getting any nasty bits of shell in your cake. Again temperature is really important here too. You know when you are all snug and warm in bed, and someone puts their icy cold feet on yours – not nice, is it!? Same goes for your butter mixture and eggs. Making sure they are both at room temperature will mean they mix together easily. If you add your eggs straight from the fridge your mixture will most likely curdle. You’re all done and ready for the next stage when you achieved a whipped double cream consistency.

Tip 3 Don’t beat the c*** out of your flour…

When you add your flour to the mixture make sure you fold in gently or have your mixer on the lowest setting. I add all my other ingredients such as vanilla paste, buttermilk before my flour to ensure that I don’t overbeat my flour at all. Gluten is actually a really delicate ingredient and doesn’t like to be beaten to death – who does! As soon as your flour is gently combined and your mixture is nice and smooth get on with pouring in your baking tins and get in the oven as soon as you can.


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