11th August 2016

Drippy Chocolate recipe

Drippy chocolate – yes, it’s a real thing! Trust me…

You may have seen that these rainbow style cakes are super popular right now.  The original master of these cakes is the fabulous Katherine Sabbath who creates spectacular ‘drippy’ cakes! I personally love how fun, colourful and pretty they are but best of all – they are delicious! My idea of a perfect cake.  Scrummy buttercream, lots of sweets and lots of yummy drippy ganache!

This post is going to be quite short but the purpose very useful! The only part of this cake I found a little bit difficult was the drippy chocolate part. There I was thinking I’d just melt some chocolate and pour it over.. nope! Doesn’t work.  So after reading some very useful tips from a cake group I’m part of on Facebook (hey, ‘CIE’ members if you’re reading this – ‘I’m waving right now’) I realised I needed to make a ganache of a certain consistency (not too thin, or not too thick) that would drip down the edges just right and that would set quickly too.  So, I’m about to share with you this very simple recipe and technique for an 8″ cake.

drippy cake

Here it is…

1) Make your white chocolate ganache with a decent chocolate – I use Callebaut. You’ll need 200g and set aside in a bowl.  The ratio for white ganache is 2:1 and whipping cream works perfect! So, 100ml in a measuring jug it is, then microwave for 1 minute.  After one minute it will be at boiling point and you then add to your chocolate.  Don’t mix straight away, just leave it to settle/melt and do it’s thing.

2) After a minute, slowly fold the cream in until all the chocolate is melted and you have a lovely smooth combination and just leave it on the worktop to cool down… don’t stir again!

3) Chill your cake in the fridge

4) After 30-45 minutes remove your cake from the fridge and if you have one place on your turntable.  You ganache should now be ready – mine was ready to use after 30 minutes.  Compared with how long my ganache made with double cream takes to come together this was super quick – I was surprised.

5) Pour about a third of the ganache on the top of the cake, in the middle.  Using the back of a spoon ease it over to the edges so that every so often a little puddle forms and starts to drip down the sides adding more of the ganache as you go.  Because your cake is cold it will help set the drops.

There you have it! Good luck. You will need to use a little bakers intuition here, if you think the ganache is too thin, add a little more chocolate, too thick more cream, but it really is this simple! Oh and if you want to colour your ganache add your chosen colour to the cream before microwaving 🙂

Natalie xx

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