17th October 2016

Building an online presence – Part 2

Back in May I wrote Building an online presence – Part 1 and briefly covered such things as What is Social Media? SEO and Google Analytics. Quite a few of you sent me messages and commented on the post – thank you! It’s always reassuring to have this feedback when I write something ‘non-cakey’.

Obviously as I named the post Part 1 I needed to do a follow-up post and after recently attending a Digital Marketing course I thought I’d strike whilst the iron was hot! I’d suggest getting yourself a cup of tea/coffee and reading this post with a little bit of comfort… 😉

I’m going to focus this post on analytics and will recommend some handy metric websites you can use which will track your website stats but also your competitors. I find this particularly handy as it helps with focusing my SEO and keywords – SEO and keywords go hand-in-hand, neither can be completely successful without the other. I can see what search terms people use and if there is a different one I’m not including that my competitors use and that I should include. Please don’t worry about checking your competitor analytics as this is quite the norm and certainly important if you want your website to do the best it can. It’s official buzz-word name is ‘Competitive Benchmarking’.

Oh and I’m only going to include FREE web-tools.

So, first things first, your site needs to be mobile responsive! There’s no point checking your website progress until you have this sorted.

74% of people in the UK use a Smartphone to access information (Source: Google Barometer)

uk baking bloghttps://www.responsinator.com/ – the perfect site to do this – and it’s free! Bonus.  A couple of my competitors did have great SEO results but since Google starting penalising companies for not being mobile responsive the next tool below showed a dramatic decrease in their website scores! If I were to come across a website in a search that didn’t work on my mobile, I’d leave! It’s that simple.

Secondly, use this website – https://website.grader.com/ to ‘grade’ your website. Website Grader provides advice on how to improve many aspects of your website and encouraged millions to bring their website presence to the next level.   Enter you website URL and it will first off provide a score – we all love a score right! It will tell you if it is a good score or not! Last week my website was scored 75 and this week I’m at 94. Why? Because I followed the tips provided, mainly that I hadn’t added Alt tags on my photos (really important for helping your SEO work correctly).

uk baking blog

Tip – If you’re nosy like me (not gonna lie) then check your competitor websites too, its all there! It will also provide your website speed (nobody likes a slow website), other little hints & tips, but the biggest thing for me was my SEO score.  Last week I was at 24, this week full marks – 30/30! Yipee…

Last but not least – https://www.semrush.com – this is a clever tool, it’s not free, but it kind of is as you can sign up for a trial and it’s all about keywords, SEO and back-links.
For me after getting my SEO correct back-links and keywords are really important. Keywords are a massive part of getting ranked by Google. The more you can people to mention your website on their website – the better your SEO and ranking will be.  Don’t be afraid to ask someone who has mentioned you on their site or blog to include a hyperlink.  I’ve spotted someone mention me once without one and they totally didn’t mind when I contacted them to update.

Ensuring you have the best SEO, website optimisation, keywords and backlinks will not get your site to the first page of Google overnight, but over time, you’ll climb the rankings and all the hard work will pay off.  Google also likes fresh content so keep your website updated and fresh.  I’ve found having my Twitter live feed on my home page helps with this when I’m being a bit slack on new posts.

uk baking blog

Moving on… Conveniently, yesterday I read a blog post from Adventures of Reece who recommended using Jaaxy and after having a little play around this morning I can confirm it’s fab! It’s simple to use, clean and offers a free 30-day trial too.

Using the site rank section I entered a popular searchword for my site – ‘cake baker Berkshire’.  After then entering my website it shows that I come up no.5 on the 1st page of google – pretty nifty! Here are a few of my rankings.  This will help show what you’re doing good at (position 3, 5 and 4) and what I’m not so good at (position 23) :-/


You can also create lists of your most popular search words and keep a track of their activity.


So, I really don’t want to provide information overload so on my next post I’ll write about Google Adwords and Adsense, both of which are really clever and interesting. Let me know how you get on with the tools above and if you need any help understanding any part – I’ll try my best!

Natalie x

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