15th December 2016

Common cupcake problems and how to fix them.

Ever baked some cupcakes which didn’t quite work but you’re not sure why? Maybe they sunk, overflowed, tasted dry or the worst of all… did they peel from their cases? (I used to hate that! These are just some of the cupcake baking problems that can be so easily fixed and I’m about to tell you how.

Ill start with the most frustrating one of all, get it out of the way 😉

Cupcake cases peeling

Many bakers claim they know the fix for this and that’s because there can be many reasons at fault. Excess moisture in your recipe (fresh fruit for example), excessive moisture in the room when the cakes are cooling down.  It could also be that the cupcakes are under-baked or the oven temperature was too low. It can also be down to a low quality cupcake case. I swear by these ones by Purple Cupcakes.  They NEVER peel.  When they come out of the oven I also immediately take out the tin and transfer to a wire cooling rack.

Cupcake recipes

Sinking ingredients 

If you make a lovely light, silky cake batter and then you add a heavy ingredient to it  (e.g. chocolate chips, blueberries, sweets) and they sink  to the bottom of your cake mixture this is normal, however, it doesn’t always look so nice and can be really frustrating when you take a big bite or slice out of your cake.  I recommend adding at the very last possible mix and even sprinkle and poke a few in when the mixture has been poured.   Also, covering ingredients in a light coating of flour can also slow down sinking ingredients.


Cupcakes going stale or dry

There’s only one solution for this problem – eat them quick!! Otherwise, if your eyes are bigger than your belly and you bake too many store in a box and when icing cover the whole cupcake so no sponge is showing.  Failing this, warm one in the microwave with a dollop of custard – a firm favourite of mine.

Baking is a science, and the individual ingredients used in a recipe are all important. Too much of a dry ingredient (like flour or cocoa) leads to dry cupcakes. Over baking can also create dry cakes because the moisture in the cupcakes bakes out. I find the only brand of cocoa that doesn’t effect the moistness is Green & Blacks organic cocoa and I quite often add a dollop of buttermilk into my cupcake batter too.


Sinking cupcakes

There’s nothing worse than taking cupcakes out the oven looking all perfect, letting them cool and watching them deflate, literally right in front of your eyes! The main culprit for this is over mixing. While it’s tempting to throw every ingredient in the bowl all at once this often leads to over working the mixture. Baking too high a temperature can also cause this.  In my oven the ideal temperature is 155 degrees Celsius.

Mojito cupcakes

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