30th December 2016

Christmas 2016 – the highlights

Phew, so here we are, a few days after Christmas and it’s all over for another year. After all the prep, shopping and excitement it’s over so quick! I’m sat writing this whilst warming up after a walk in the local park with my son attempting to fly his drone (lots of practice needed there) and now my feet are just about de-frosted and I’ve had chance to go through my photos, I thought it would be nice to share a few highlights from the last week.

We had some fun moments, as you always do with kids and it was made even nicer with my Mum coming to visit.  So rather than writing a long post I thought it would make a nice change to stay short and sweet as a way to remember the best bits 🙂 Plus, I’ve already written a guest post over at MeetotherMums about How we do Christmas so that was plenty enough.

To get us in the spirit we made gingerbread houses over at Brown Bear Bakery in Wokingham and in fact will be finally tucking into these tonight with a yummy hot-chocolate.

And of course we had lots of fun opening presents. Coby tends to rip through them super fast and then Lucy takes her time and wants to play with each gift as she goes along. Still, either way it’s still lovely to hear them shouting ‘wow’ and ‘ho ho ho’ (even though they both no longer ‘believe’).

The cat got a new bed, and a new friend…


Christmas dinner was of course yummy and as lovely as always, as was eating out at Giggling Squid one night for tea, and Giraffe one morning for breakfast. Coby ordered way too much scrambled egg and was pretty worried about the humongous pile of food placed in front of him… he ate it all though!!

Actually, whilst on the food subject, and to be fair, we really did manage to cut down our food waste compared to the last few years. I don’t know about you but this year my eyes were opened to the sheer gluttonous and over indulgent way so many people spend the festive period. It’s just one day – really!  Panic buying mince-pies in the supermarket is so funny to watch 😉 Anyway, aside from a few bits of chocolate and some cheese and crackers we’re nearly done on the food front.

My mum came to visit! Aside from teaching her how to use Snapchat – hilarious – we had a lovely time chilling, eating and shopping today.


We of course ploughed our way through games… Guess Who, Monopoly, and Jenga. The kids are dying to play Game of Fame but I’m not sure I can quite face another one! Wish me luck getting out of that one…

Coby set up his own YouTube channel – yes he’s beat me to it! He’s been going on for ages about giving it a go and then all of a sudden – boom – video ready! A couple of hours later he had 11 subscribers and over 100 views – I’m so proud of him! It’s a little bit scary, but he’s really excited about making future videos.


And today after some shopping we had a little trip to the  (very foggy) park.

How did your Christmas go? Hope you had a lovely one.

Natalie xx

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