2nd March 2017

LIEBSTER AWARD – So much fun

liebster award

Liebster Award! 

liebster award

I was nominated by Hannah at The Amphletts, thank you. In all honesty I’ve put off answering these questions as I’m pants at these types of things and I don’t have favourite things really… well sometimes, but not that often but I’ll try my best not to answer lamely! Started off really positive there Natalie – well done! 😉

What is Liebster?

‘Liebster’ is Germanic in origin and can mean dearest, sweetest, kindest, nicest, beloved, lovely, kind, pleasant, valued, cute and endearing. – Thanks Hannah!


This award started back in 2011 and exists only on the internet, given by bloggers to fellow bloggers to encourage connection and support within the blogging community, and to aid in the discovery of new and upcoming bloggers – like me!

The rules…

Here are the questions I was given:

What is your earliest childhood memory?

Ugh.. unfortunately it’s a memory of my Dad (the sort of Dad that leaves when you’re aged three and vanishes off the face of the earth for the rest of your life).  I remember picking pea pods with him in a giant field in the little village where we lived at the time.  Weirdly I can remember it quite clearly which I find quite strange for a three-year old.

What three words would you use to describe yourself?

Friendly, loyal and hard-working

What three words would most people use to describe you?

Oh wow.. I don’t know.. my mum calls me nosy, (true) and I just asked two friends who answered with “funny” and “bossy” Hmmmpph. 😉

What is your all time favourite type of cake?

RED VELVET – I put that in capitals as I really do love it… you can find a recipe for Red Velvet cupcakes here too.

Who is your hero and why?

Oh god.. I would love to conform and say something like Florence Nightingale or Shakespeare but I don’t like that and quite honestly I don’t have a hero! I really don’t. I feel left out on that one now – ha-ha so I’m going to have a good think and make sure I have a hero soon!

Is there something you find very scary / exciting, yet ever want to do?

I love to travel so I guess the first thing I can think of is to go to a country where the culture and lifestyle is completely different to what I am used to.  Maybe Pakistan, Iran or Indonesia – all look and sound beautiful but equally all have apparent reasons not to visit.

If you could go anywhere in the world where would you go and why?

Again, kind of follows on from my andwer above but one place I do want to go to is Madagascar.  My boyfriend first told me about it and since then it’s definitively at the top of my wishlist.

What are your guilty pleasures?

Geordie Shore (sorry, not sorry)… Wae’aye man!

What would your top tip be to anyone thinking about starting up a blog?

Just be yourself. I find my most successful posts are where I just go for it! Write like you just need to get it all out and off your chest – it has to be fun! I find it therapeutic, almost like a diary – but with limits 😉

Where do you get your inspiration to write?

Not one thing in particular inspires me, but lots of things do.  Every day life, my son and step-daughter, our holidays and days-out. Plus the cakes and yummy treats that I bake!

What’s the biggest challenge of blogging for you?

Time – pretty sure I can’t be the only one that struggles with that one – there’s just never enough time is there.

And lastly…

11 random facts about me:

  1. I hate feet – gross
  2. I have three tattoos – all hidden, but I love them
  3. I have 2 brothers and 1 sister – I’m the oldest (I actually have a 2nd sister too, not many people know that… long story)
  4. I’m vegetarian
  5. My favourite foods are eggs or spinach – love a big bowl of spinach!
  6. My favourite films are: Interview with a Vampire, DeathProof and Captain Fantastic – the last one made me cry!
  7. I rarely say ‘Sorry’ – but when I do I really mean it
  8. I’m super organised! 
  9. I freak out if someone puts the tv/radio volume button on an odd number! Just can’t handle that one…
  10. My new answer to my son on pretty much everything is ‘Maybe’ – I’ve learnt the hard way he’ll never drop a yes…
  11. I don’t embarrass easily

I now nominate…

Becka at Mummy est.2014 
Amelia at Mums Beauty Cave
Katie at Mum of 2 point 5
Suzy at Our Bucket List Lives

And your questions are:

  1. What is your favourite book and why?
  2. What is your worst habit?
  3. Favourite holiday destination?
  4. Who is your best friend?
  5. If you could only use one make-up item for a month what would it be?
  6. If you were granted 3 wishes what would you ask for and why?
  7. What is your biggest pet peeve?
  8. What is your dream house like?
  9. Favourite chocolate bar?
  10. Do you have a celebrity crush? PS: Tom Hardy & Jamie Foxx are mine already so you can’t take them 😉
  11. What’s the most unusual thing you’ve ever eaten?

6 responses to “LIEBSTER AWARD – So much fun”

  1. The Amphletts says:

    Brilliant answers! I’m with you on no.9 – I hate the volume being on an odd number, I can’t relax unless I change it!

    • hellocuppies says:

      Me either!! I’ve tried ignoring it but just give up and have to change it! thank you again for nominating me xx

  2. Thanks for the nomination. I too have a memory from when I was three. I remember crying at pre school because they made me drink milk (it was in glass bottles with silver tops back then). I’d also love to go to Madagascar. Lemurs are my favourite land animal

    • hellocuppies says:

      Ooh how funny! I guess you didn’t like milk! Lemurs are soooo cool! And welcome, look forward to reading your post xx

  3. Rebecc says:

    Thanks for the nominations. Ps: I hate feet too. They are just so weird looking x

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