7th March 2017

A Day In The Life Of A Working Mum

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A Day In The Life Of A Working Mum

My typical day as a working mum, part-time blogger and baker!

When it comes to multi-tasking being a Mum, working a full-time job and running your own company and blog on the side there are no two days that are ever identical.  I don’t think I’ll be any different to anyone else in the same position, and always seem to have long to-do lists with a million different things to do.

When Laura at Dear Bear and Beany asked me to contribute to her ‘Day in the Life of’ series I thought I’d take part as I find it really fascinating to read what other bloggers are up to – mostly because I’m nosy always interested by how much other people accomplish, and how they manage to get everything done… and survive!

Now I could have chosen to keep this simple and just write about what a day is like when I’m not at my day job. But let’s face it – that wouldn’t be a true reflection so I’ve based this post on a day from my week when I have a wedding cake booked in, a full week’s work, a blog to publish and a weekend class scheduled in – quite a common occurrence!

With that said, I do find that I do have a certain kind of routine to my days and I’m looking forward to revealing a little bit about ‘what I actually do in a day’.

7-9am – It’s time to wake up around 7am since I need to make sure Coby is up, showered, fed and ready for school.  He needs to leave by 8.15 and I leave usually by 8.45am. This also involves me showering and doing the basic things necessary to maintain normal human hygiene! I don’t eat breakfast – I know, naughty but by the time I’m at my desk I’ll begin by booting up my computer with a strong coffee.

Prior to leaving the house I’ll check all my social media accounts, emails, blog stats and comments and give any responses needed. And if I really have time I’ll empty the dishwasher, have a quick hoover and turn the washer on.  Usually we do bits and pieces of housework through the week as and when it’s needed then have a blitz at the weekend.

A few years back I’d be constantly cleaning but something had to give and this was relaxed a little.  It’s no big deal if there’s a bit of mess around right?

Some days I arrive at work a lot earlier if needed and I’ll have to leave home at 7-7.30am but luckily this doesn’t happen too much.  I’m very lucky with my full-time job and I’ve now proved and earnt myself the right to be a little flexible.  It’s very give-and-take.

The morning…

9-10am – This is the time where I catch up on my work emails, check the news, log in my company social media accounts and deal with any tweets and LinkedIn updates etc.  This first hour at work is my favourite as I feel calm, relaxed and prepared.

A day in the life of a working Mum

10-12:30pm – I won’t bore you too much on my full-time work but generally I’m flat-out and the days go fast.


12:30-1.30pm – I’ll stop around now for an hour to eat and do some work on my own social media accounts and blog.  I have lots of posts sitting in draft form so will finish one and plan/schedule when to publish etc.   Sometimes I may take a little longer lunch if I’ve been in early or worked late the evening before.

1.30-5pm – more work! My job is super varied and I find what I do interesting and my role is constantly evolving.  I started at this company as a PA eight years ago, and am now the Marketing & PR manager.  Sometimes I may use an hour of my time in the afternoon for some coursework as I’m also a third of my way through a CIM Digital Marketing diploma.

Coby usually calls me in the afternoon briefly just to update me on something random… what he’s eaten for lunch, what one of the older boys have done (he goes to an all-boys school and the stories sometimes are hilarious) or just to say hi – I love this, bless him.

A day in the life of a working Mum

5-6pm – is usually wind down time, and I’ll generally leave the office between 5.30-6pm and will always write my to do list before I go and check both my work and Hello Cuppies social media quickly too.  Occasionally I’ll have a late evening here and my full-time role does take priority over anything else.

The evening…

6-7pm – All change now – homework, tea-time, chatting and calming down.  No matter how busy I am I’ll always try to have a little down-time with Coby.  He’ll maybe cook with me or sit at the kitchen table and do his homework whilst I’m cooking, or we’ll just chill out for 20 minutes in his room chatting and watching TV.

7-8pm – Coby will either stay with me in the kitchen or he’ll be allowed a little time on his computer.  Either way it’s all tech off by 9pm and then he’ll either have a bath or read for 30 minutes before lights off at 9.30.  He’ll sleep right through until the next morning too, I like him to have at least 9-10 hours’ sleep if he can.

He plays a fair amount of sport and I can always tell if he is exhausted and needs an early night.

8-11pm – If I have a wedding cake or similar to do I’ll generally be in the kitchen all evening.  I always stop around 11pm and write a time-slot plan at the beginning of the week so I know exactly what to do between these hours every evening.  I work fast and easily achieve a lot in these hours. As I’m a part-time baker I rarely take on more than one order at once.  Last time I did have two wedding cakes in I was a right state! Eye-bags, couldn’t concentrate properly and I get emotional if I don’t sleep enough too – not a good mix.

A day in the life of a working Mum

When I don’t have a cake booked in, and I do intentionally keep some weeks free, I’ll focus more on my blog and draft as many as I can so I have posts ready for when I’m busy.  We’ll eat out in the evenings or sometimes go to the cinema.  Coby will often need a lift to various sports clubs and when I don’t have a cake booked in I’ll ferry him around.

11-11.30pm – Wind down time… unfortunately I can never resist checking my phone and social media accounts before bed.  Something I really want to reduce, but for now it’s still in my routine.  I go to sleep around 11:30pm and nearly always instantly drop-off – phew.

Overall, this schedule is a little hectic for me. During my work week at my day job, I am super busy. Usually by Friday night, I’m exhausted and end up zoning out at home then get up early to add finishing touches to a wedding cake or to get organised for when I teach over at The Cake College.

Coby does go to his dad’s every other weekend so I always look forward to a much-needed lie-in when I can – and yes, on those days I do eat breakfast!

So, that’s it – my typical day – I do love the variety my weeks bring, I have routine but at the same time it’s always slightly different.  I love that I have an extra income and can treat my son and myself, plus its totally satisfying to have a second job that is my hobby and which I love.

11 responses to “A Day In The Life Of A Working Mum”

  1. Chloe Constance says:

    You are a trooper! Us mums are indestructible! I often sit and wonder how I made it through the day!! You make sure you take time for yourself too! <3

  2. Allison says:

    Oh my! your days are totally loaded! Honestly, I don’t know how moms do it

  3. Your job sounds harder than a guy/girl in an office. But it;s super cool that you blog, market, and bake; you’re an entrepreneur 🙂

  4. Emmi Scott says:

    You have such a busy day! I’m so impressed by how much you achieve in 24 hours!

  5. chiimmiii says:

    That is such a loaded day, you do a great job by managing things 🙂

  6. Wow! It sounds like you really have a full plate (no pun intended). Thank you for sharing this! Keep up the energy; you should be proud of all you accomplish!

  7. Life with Larissa says:

    Moms are so underrated and underappreciated. I see what my mom has to do, and I’m blown away. I read what your day looks like, and I’m blown away! I think it’s super cute that Coby calls you during the day. And your time management and organizational skills are amazing!

  8. What a lovely post darling.
    You have left me hungry for a big fat cupcake though, infant STARVING for one.

    Your lad seems so sweet by the way!!!

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