19th September 2017

Festival of Food and Wine, Ascot Racecourse | AD

Festival of Food and Wine, Ascot Racecourse

Last weekend I was lucky enough to be invited along to Ascot Racecourse by Fisher & Paykel to join them at the Festival of Food and Wine fair. Taking Coby and Lucy along and leaving Steve at home to watch Liverpool lose play we jumped in the car and drove over all excited and eager to try lots of delicious food, place a few bets and generally sit in what is most likely going to be the last bit of sunshine we’ll have for a while.

As predicted, and typically English, the sun blazed down for ohhh about 2 hours, a cool breeze was blowing billowing dresses into the air exposing ladies bottoms… OK that last bit mostly just happened to me, but you know, it’s my own fault for wearing a floaty dress. At least I had tights on to protect my modesty a little!

Festival of Food and Wine, Ascot Racecourse

I’ve always had a love of horse racing. I grew up in York surrounded by the sport, often working at the restaurant in my teenage years, and the love of racing has stayed with me.

What was happening? 

I’m sure you’ve all heard of Royal Ascot, the pinnacle of the racing calendar. It’s apparently the Queen’s favourite racing event too, and is attended by Her Majesty and many of the royal family. This event was something slightly different though. More relaxed, less manic and definitely less formal. Bunting sprawled the grandstand and over 100 food stalls created an absolute feasting extravaganza with lots of on-the-go and casual food options available.

Festival of Food and Wine, Ascot Racecourse

Spoiled for choice and a little overwhelmed Coby had his standard panic of what to eat first with the thought of getting full too quick and missing out on something delicious look on his face! We walked all the way up testing the fudge… and all the way back down again. We all created mental lists of what we wanted to try and nibble on.

Festival of Food and Wine, Ascot Racecourse

Festival of Food and Wine, Ascot Racecourse

Festival of Food and Wine, Ascot Racecourse

One of my favourite things to eat and I’ll probably be eating these for as for as long as olive… 😉 Stuffed with garlic, laden in coriander and drizzled with lemon. Discovering new olives has kind of become mine and Lucy’s thing. We get excited when we spot an olive stand and give each other a knowing look that we both know means lets go eat as many as we can!

The charming stall holders will hand you samples.

Festival of Food and Wine, Ascot Racecourse

You can stock up on nibbles to accompany wine later.

Festival of Food and Wine, Ascot Racecourse

Coby eventually took a breather and settled for the paella.  We found a quiet(ish) spot on the lawn and worked our way through our wares.

Festival of Food and Wine, Ascot Racecourse

Festival of Food and Wine, Ascot Racecourse

The Professionals 

Now, I may have gotten somewhat distracted along the way… but Fisher & Paykel sponsored this post to talk about their Social Kitchen. So here’s the lowdown. The Social Kitchen is about everyone meeting around a table, enjoying chatting and connecting over food. With two celebrity chefs taking centre stage and demonstrating what they know best, it was always going to be a success. Candice Brown (for those who don’t watch GBBO, she’s the 2016 winner) and Raymond Blanc demonstrated what they love to cook, how they use certain ingredients and also shared some secret hints and tips.

Festival of Food and Wine, Ascot Racecourse

Now, you can’t go to Royal Ascot and not have a bet right? I tried my best to explain to both Coby and Lucy how betting worked but they typically just went for the horse with the name they liked the most.  Each to their own. We pooled our funds and took our spot by the finish line, shouted and screamed for our horses to win.  They got that carried away they forgot to actually look if their horse even placed! It did. They were impressed.

Just as it began to spectacularly pour it down we decided we better ‘hoof’ it off home. Super full and super happy after the perfect family day out.

Festival of Food and Wine, Ascot Racecourse

Good food, good drink & the potential to win some money. The perfect combo!

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27 responses to “Festival of Food and Wine, Ascot Racecourse | AD”

  1. It all looks so yummy! Especially the baclava which is my favourite. Lovely post. #tweensteensbeyond

  2. It seems such a wonderful experience and the food looks so yummy, I would have eaten everything, especially the cakes and the biscuits!

  3. Cia Black says:

    Looks like a great event. With of course my favorite FOOD. Had me practically drooling on my keyboard.lol. Did you get to taste the food that the chiefs made?

  4. Ginger Mom says:

    Sounds like a great day! I am a new blog follower 🙂 Really enjoyed your post and have always wanted to see horses race, myself 🙂

  5. This looks so much fun! I have been to the races and they are so exciting. That fudge looks delicious.

  6. Shell says:

    What a fun experience!!!! Looks like a fantastic event and your outfit is super cute BTW!!!!

  7. Joanna says:

    What a yummy event! Those olives are giant and I’d love to try them out. The Turkish delights looks also really appetizing, I could have probably bought one of each, baklava is one of my favorite treats.

  8. White Pen says:

    You styled so beautiful here I bet you really prepared. I would also like to taste those snacks. Which one is your favourite?

  9. nbosken says:

    In the US, we have the Kentucky Derby every year. I have been and love it. It’s such a good time! I love that you got to try all those foods!

  10. keisha1989 says:

    Looks like a great event. The food looks so yummy. Great post.

  11. nicoleflintkontrol says:

    The good look amazing! Looks like a fun event!

  12. Great post! I love your outfit here! It’s super cute, and perfect for fall. Thank you for sharing.

  13. This event seems like so fun! And all that food, ahh. Everything looks so tasty! Thanks for sharing!

  14. Katie says:

    This looks like such a fun event! I’ve never been to a horse race. You guys found some great food choices!

  15. I haven’t been to a food & wine festival before but I always enjoy seeing posts like this.

  16. Looks like a fab day out for tweens and teens. I have to admit that I always go for a horse with a name I like and they always lose, if they finish at all! Fab review, I really enjoyed reading it. Thanks so much for joining us at #TweensTeensBeyond

  17. Aditi says:

    This looks like a fabulous event, Always wanted to attend one!

  18. Amy says:

    oh I wish I would have been able to go!!! Those patties?! Crazy yum. Plus the wine tasting is our fave!

  19. Your posts are always so lovely Natalie. Your photographs are stunning. We love the races – Ascot, Goodwood and some of the local courses. Bank holiday Monday’s are a great family day. Looks like you were thoroughly well catered for there – what delights. And as for betting success well – 6 girls – 7 horses in the race, chose one each – 6 out of 7. Guess which one won!! Hey ho – it’s the taking part and I love that feeling when you are close to the course and you can feel the thud of the horses. Thanks for sharing with us at #tweensteensbeyond. Lovely to have you back x

  20. Looks like it has all the ingredients for a perfect family day out Natalie. I love the races and Ascot is one of my favourite venues. You certainly can’t go and not place a bet. Even if you don’t win it is still such a thrill to watch. All that food looks very tempting too. My family would have headed straight for the fudge stall for sure. Thanks for joining us again and hope to see you next week. #TweensTeensBeyond

  21. Nice pun over there on the Olive. It got me for a moment as I read again to make sure I got what you said right! I was invited to a similar event last time but rejected them as it was too prestigious (with all the dressing up etc). I prefer yours!

  22. Tanita says:

    Aw this looks like such a fab day out and something we would really enjoy as a family. The food looks amazing too! I would be buying all the food! xx

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