22nd September 2017

How To Make A Fondant Rabbit

How to make a fondant bunny

How to Make A Fondant Rabbit – Super simple & easy – I promise! 

First up – apologies for my lack of baking and cakey related blog posts over the last month. I’ve been so busy with holidays, days out and wedding cakes that they’ve kind of taken a back step. So here’s a post for you… before I fly off again for another Italian holiday next month… 😉

I’m not the best at making models, I tend to stay a bit safe and I 100% wouldn’t ever dare try making an actual real character but bears, monkeys and rabbits I can handle. I’ve also recently found a modelling past that I LOVE so after a month or so of using it I thought I best share with you lot.

How to make a fondant bunny

This is it – Saracino White Modelling Paste. You can buy it here.

I’ll quickly give a round-up of why I love it.

Reasons to use Saracino 

The only drawback is it takes a while to dry but once it does it sets lovely and firm.

Equipment needed 

How to make a fondant bunny

Now, these photos aren’t the best quality. I decided very last minute when making a christening cake last week to snap away and it was night time so the lighting was a bit naff.

Step 1.  I used 150g of fondant and coloured 120g latte brown. You can of course colour what ever you like or make bigger/smaller. This bunny was going on a 6″ top tier cake to give you perspective.

Step 2. Take 70g and roll into an egg kind of shape standing on your dummy or mat and insert a piece of dry spaghetti all the way through. I use a polystyrene dummy as it means the spaghetti can go straight through keeping your model safe and also because it helps when attaching to your cake too. You need about 1 cm of spaghetti to stick out the top.

Step 3: Add a dab of glue around the spaghetti.

Step 4: Roll a ball of fondant for the head. I think animals look cuter with bigger heads but this is of course up to you how big or small you have it… just make sure you don’t end up with a pin head… or a big bobble head 😉

Step 5: To make the white tummy I roll a sausage, flatten it and roll flat. Slice the top and bottom off to create a straight edge.

Step 6: Glue the white chest to your body using the flower/leaf shaper tool to tuck in the edges. You could actually do this stage before the head if you prefer, both ways are fine.

Step 7. Time to make your paws. Roll two small balls. Before moving on to the next step measure them up against the body to check they look about right.

Step 8. Flatten each ball with your thumb and using the wheel tool make score lines for paws going in a little deeper each time. I then shaped the back of them into a rounded point and shaped to the sides of the rabbits body.

Step 9.  Using a a small dab of glue attach to the body. I know he doesn’t look too bunny like yet… keep going.

Step 10. Its time to make his arms. I roll two sausages making sure one end is tapered into a rounded point.

Step 11: Using your cutting wheel mark paws

Step 12: Attach your arms with some edible glue. I personally like them at different angles.

Step 13: Now it’s time for those ears.  I roll two sausages of the same size. Flatten them and roll flat ever so slightly. Shape the ends into a point and repeat the step with two smaller white sausages (these will be the inside of the ears.)

Step 14: Glue the pieces together and very carefully insert a short piece of spaghetti (around 2-2.5 cm) up through the bottom taking care for it not to come out at the front/back.

Step 15: Again, use a small amount of glue attach the ears lining them up first before securing.  I tucked one top corner down to make them a little cuter.

Step 16: Roll a small white ball and shape/flatten for a nose then stick down just below the middle of his face.

Step 17: Add a small tiny ball of pink to the top of the nose. I shape this with my thumb and forefinger into a triangle shape and stick with glue.

Step 18: Using the end of your spaghetti mark two holes for eyes and using the spaghetti again dip in the glue and add some glue to the eyes. For these eyes I used tiny black sprinkles but fondant rolled small would also be fine.  Same for the eyebrows; roll tiny balls, shape and glue.

Ta-da! He’s all done! Leave to dry and when ready attach to your cake with some edible glue or royal icing. Give yourself a little pat on the back too. To see the christening cake I put him on you can check out the album on my Facebook page here.

Let me know if you try the modelling paste. Everything needed to make this guy can be be bought at the Cake Decorating Shop. Postage is super reasonable and fast, but you can collect too if you’re local to Bracknell. Say hi from me if you do pop in! They’re fab!

Happy modelling!

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  1. This is a really well written step by step guide with great visuals! I feel confident I could make this using your guide. I love baking but my decorations are always something to be desired, I will be giving this a go. I have saved this to my ‘pocket’ app

    Tasha x

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