15th December 2017

Christmas Tree Brownies

Christmas Tree Brownies

Without fail I make brownies every single Christmas. Usually because we have lots of chocolates that need putting to good use, but also because they are ridiculously e-a-s-y to make too. With minimal ingredients, you can make these in under 20 minutes and gain massive ‘brownie’ points for creativity and seasonal festiveness!

I’ve spotted so many images online of these Christmas tree brownies, I mean, come on – how can you resist?

Christmas Tree Brownies

I’ve shared this recipe before in my Ultimate Brownie Recipe post but here it is again for ease.


For the brownies: 

150g chocolate
130g real butter
140g caster sugar
140g brown sugar
40g of cocoa powder
140g plain flour
2 free range eggs
1 tsp of vanilla
Pinch of salt (I use rock, but table is fine)

For decorating

100g of melted chocolate
chocolate cigarellos (like these) or candy canes work well too
Edible snowflakes, available here


Christmas Tree Brownies

Take a piping bag, I use these disposable ones, snip off the end and fill with your melted chocolate and drizzle across your triangles. It helps if you stay in a nice Christmas tree pattern too. Sprinkle and add glitter if you like! Carefully stick in your chocolate cigarellos, or candy canes and there you have it! Delicious.

If for some extraordinary reason you have some left over, pop them into a tupperware box and leave them in the fridge, they taste great even a few days later.

For other design ideas check out this Pinterest board here I created just for you… don’t forget to follow it either so you can refer back and keep it saved for next Christmas too.

Christmas Tree Brownies

19 responses to “Christmas Tree Brownies”

  1. Cia Black says:

    Not only are these adorable but they are simple to make. We usually decorate gingerbread men , but then they end up in the trash because while the kids like to decorate them, they are not actual fans of the taste of them. I think this would be a great alternative for decorating this year.

    • hellocuppies says:

      Ooh I’m so with them on the gingerbread! I kind of really want to like it, I’ll have a nibble but then never really love it! Brownies are so much nicer!

      • Cia Black says:

        That’s the way it is in our house, they get the thrill of decorating them then biting off their heads, after that they end up in the trash. It feels like such a waste. But I know we all love brownes so these treats would probably be devoured.

  2. Oh my goodness these look like something out of a fancy cook book, I love how creative and clever you were with the trunks, what an awesome idea! I bet everyone wants to come over when you’ve made these!

  3. Elizabeth says:

    Lately I’ve been a sucker for brownies and with the holidays, these are just the cutest! I may attempt to make these with family over the weekend.

  4. I have seen this before, but I like your tree decor best! The blue and white mixed together is very attractive.

  5. keisha1989 says:

    These brownies looks so good. I want to try to make these over the weekend. Hopefully they turn out good.

  6. Brownies are the ultimate guilty pleasure – all that ooey gooey goodness, yummy!! And you managed to make it beautifully festive. So awesome for Christmas!

  7. Vasundhra says:

    I like brownies but have never tried to make them at home.. These look adorable and I am happy to see that the recipe is surprisingly easy. Loved the festive feel to it!

  8. I love your Christmas tree decoration on the brownie~ I didn’t know that you can decorate such nice trees just by making the brownies into triangles! What a great idea~ Genius!

  9. The Daisy Pages says:

    These look sooo amazing! Chocolatey and delicious and easy to make, win-win ❄️. Off to Tweet the recipe so that I don’t lose it. Thanks for sharing xx

    • hellocuppies says:

      Totally easy to make! Honestly I can mix these up in under ten mins and we’re eating them, still warm within the hour sometimes! Xx

  10. Eva says:

    These look so pretty and I can never resist brownies. One of my favourites, because of the chocolate! I also love your recipes, mainly because they are recipes! I hate scrolling down for ages to find the actual recipe and the photos – no blah blah, just the stuff I’m looking for!

  11. I love Brownies, they are my guilty pleasure, these look really simple to make and effective too.

  12. Oh wow, these look so cool! I really love the idea of making brownies into trees for Christmas… Very festive looking!

  13. Tanita says:

    Oh wow these look amazing and very wintery/Christmassy. I love any desert that is easy to make and I love how you have decorated them too. Xx

  14. Kd says:

    These are so cute. I love the blue and white – a different take from the usual green and red. I Be these taste as good as they look. Brownies are def one of my weaknesses.

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