5th February 2018

Monthly Round Up – January 2018

Sunflower Bakery, Somerset

January. Phew! That went fast, didn’t it? The first month of 2018 is well and truly done with. The month where everyone is either 1) broke from Christmas and 2) panicking to get their tax return done and dusted with! Or if like me, both! EEK. It’s also the month where I’ve made double the amount of effort with pushing my blog in an attempt to carry on with 2018 being the year I take it to a whole new level. One month in and I’m already feeling the benefits, but more on that soon.

A few months back I decided to include a few more personal, get-to-know-me type posts on my blog and one way to do that is to give a little round-up of the previous month covering all the highs and lows, plus the little bits in between. I’ve made notes in my calendar of what happened, how I felt and what I thought may actually be a little interesting. I won’t bore you with the every-day useless crap that occurs, but hopefully these monthly posts will become regular enough to give a little insight into my life. 🙂

First up…The blog.

I was quite surprised to have one of my busiest months so far with regards to traffic, and I’m not sure if I did anything different to usual but I did do more in regards to sharing older posts on my Facebook page. Recipe posts are always interesting and mine so far have provided some great evergreen content. I’ve also received lots of lovely photos and messages about the recipes you have tried…mainly these brownies and these cupcakes.

If you do try any of the recipes from my blog I love hearing and seeing your feedback, it’s always welcome. Thank you so much.

And check out this little baking superstar in the middle too.

Monthly Round Up - January 2018 - Cakes, Bakes and Blog Updates

It’s top secret until the reveal but I also took part in a paid campaign regarding a recipe creation which will be featured in an e-book and will go live in March – very exciting.

I confirmed not just one press trip, but two and I’ll be very soon travelling to Madeira and one other location yet to be decided – Can.Not.Wait. Any travel tips always welcome.

Watch this space for some travel content soon. Which just led me to wondering…question of the day…”Is Madeira cake from Madeira? I wonder…? Hmmm”.

Attending #BlogAtTheBeach with IceLolly.com in Leeds was also lots of fun and gave me a great chance to meet other bloggers and network. It was a really interesting, if tiring day, and you can read (and watch) all about it here.

Monthly Round Up - January 2018 - Cakes, Bakes and Blog Updates

Cake Life

Has been pretty tame in January, I’m easing myself in with that one. If you’re a regular reader you’ll know I run my own bakery from home part time mainly providing wedding cakes and cupcakes with the odd Christening and Corporate order thrown in.

This month I worked on four orders, a large birthday cake order which consisted of pink, glitter and champagne bottles, a two-tier unicorn cake, a corporate cupcake order and a christening cake.

Monthly Round Up - January 2018 - Cakes, Bakes and Blog Updates

I also teach cake decorating and I had four classes in January which were all super fun, the people were as lovely as always and we had a blast.

Our new Luxury cupcake class launched and it ran perfectly.

Check out the full album from the day below. Can you spot yourself in a photo? We have another new class launching soon which will involve pretty marbled fondant, a lovely big flower and some edible silver leaf. It’s all go at the moment.

I got to spend a lovely day out in Somerset at Sunflower Bakery with my friend Vicky. We left super early in the morning as the class we were taking together started at 9.30am so we needed to miss the potential rush-hour traffic and get there on time. It was such a lovely day and it was nice to be on the other side of the table for once.  I wrote a blog post on this, and made a YouTube video which you can watch and read here too.

Learning new skills is really important to me and I like to keep up with all the cake trends and techniques as much as I possibly can.

Monthly Round Up - January 2018 - Cakes, Bakes and Blog Updates

Family & Friends

Coby, my soon to be 13 year old son is growing up so fast. In the last month or so we’ve gone through G.C.S.E options, rugby trials for London Irish and we had parents evening too. All pretty intense but we get through them together and even writing these down reminds me of the pressure he sometimes must feel. Support is key when it comes to things like this and I want him to learn and understand that he is responsible for his own future, with a little guidance of course. He has chosen the best options for him for G.C.S.E’s and I’m excited for him and his future and really believe he has the potential to do something amazing.

Plus, the choices they have nowadays (that makes me sound old) are amazing. Amongst the necessary English, Maths and Science he gets to do Photography, Graphic Design and Computer Science. If only he could learn to clear his dishes up and watch the mouth…then it’d be perfect right? 😉 Parents of teens, I hope you can empathise! ha-ha.

Oh… and little shout out to my brother Lee who passed his driving test!! Wahoo!! Just my sister to go now… fingers crossed for her test in February.

New finds and buys

Being on a little bit of a stricter budget this month (refer back to the first paragraph above) means I haven’t really shopped too much at all. I did discover a fab new independent online shop called Joanie and I bought a lovely mustard coloured jumper, an ice-cream themed t-shirt and a fabulously versatile denim skirt. I’m always unsure on sizing when it comes to ordering from somewhere new online but I’d read that the Joanie sizing is really accurate and true to what they should be. No size 12’s arriving and really being a size 8 etc.  Every single item fit, perfectly.

I can’t wait to order more for the summer…when it arrives!

As usual I also bought lots of new sugar flower and cake equipment. It’s never ending and no matter how long I’ve been making and creating cakes, there’s always something new to buy or try. The Cake Decorating Shop is my favourite as their prices are super competitive. Scroll through my favourite purchases below:

[shopr_shopthepost collection=”january-favourites” size=”medium”]

How was your January? Did you have a good one? I hope so!

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