17th August 2018

What is There to Do at Cape Greco?

Cape Greco was one of those accidental finds that takes you totally by surprise and makes you fall in love with something so much that you don’t want to leave. On my recent holiday to Cyprus we went four times altogether as it was so big, so pretty and there is no way you can totally enjoy it all in the space of a day, or even a few hours. So, what is there to do at Cape Greco?

Getting Around

Firstly, you’ll need a car, or a quad, it depends what you prefer. It is totally possible to walk and there are endless amounts of nature trails, but it’s a National Park so bear that in mind with the hot weather and needing to carry water/food/essentials it’s going to get super hot.

Exploring in Protaras, CyprusWhat is There to Do at Cape Greco?

Its huge too. Located Between Protaras and Ayia Napa in the south-east corner of Cyprus it’s a protected national park with endless spots where you can climb, explore and admire the gorgeous natural bridges and caves with the clearest of turquoise waters.

What is There to Do at Cape Greco?

According to local legend it is also the home of the ‘Ayia Napa sea monster’.

Whichever part you visit you will often see both locals and tourists leaping off the cliffs into the sea. My brother Lee and I hid our clothes and bags on a rock and jumped straight in. No hanging around, we were insanely hot so the cool-off was welcomed.

What is There to Do at Cape Greco? What is There to Do at Cape Greco?What is There to Do at Cape Greco?

Once we’d gathered our bearings a little we hopped back in the car and drove as far as the road would let us, stopping at the very tip of the island. Our plan was to then work our way back stopping off at as many viewpoints as possible.


We found a little roadside van for drinks and snacks and sat on a bench peering out to sea to watch the boats bobbing around. My brother of course had to have the most over-the-top drink he could order. I stuck with an iced latte, but had to steal a taste of Lee’s too.

What is There to Do at Cape Greco? What is There to Do at Cape Greco?

One thing that really bothers me is how difficult it is to stop people giving you plastic straws when abroad on holiday. Either its a language barrier thing or they just want to give you all the straws!

I’ve ordered myself a metal straw now which I’m going to take on every holiday and wave it around like a lunatic if needed… 😉

After a few more dips and some leisurely walks and rests we headed back to the villa. My sister had been in all day and was desperate for some fresh air with the kids so I drove back again! This time we found a different spot and my niece and nephew loved watched people dive in from the edge.

Oh yeah… there’s a lovely breeze too!

What is There to Do at Cape Greco? What is There to Do at Cape Greco? What is There to Do at Cape Greco?

Agoi Anargyroi

We visited the lovely white washed church of Agoi Anargyroi with steps that lead down to the sea where there is a place where Holy water apparently runs. I also found out from our lovely taxi driver (read about him in this post) that The Chapel is dedicated to the twin brothers; Saints Cosmas and Damianos, who were both doctors and miraculously healed sick people without receiving any kind of payment.

What is There to Do at Cape Greco?

Our next stop was Kamara Tou Koraka, a naturally formed arch over the cliff edge. It is cordoned off as its eroding away but still it’s pretty to look at.

What is There to Do at Cape Greco?

The famous Love Bridge

Hopping back in the lovely air-conditioned car we then drove to Love Bridge.

Love Bridge is a rocky arch bridge of natural origin, with one edge stretching into the crystal clear, turquoise and emerald sea from an elevated coastal plateau. The bridge has formed completely naturally without any human intervention. It is believed that if you kiss while standing in the middle of the bridge arch and make a wish, it will surely come true.

What is There to Do at Cape Greco? What is There to Do at Cape Greco?

We had to wait a while to get a good photo as lots of people were again jumping off into the sea below.

If you do go to Cyprus and want to spend your days exploring, Cape Greco is a must.

I think I’m done now with my Cyprus blog posts – so much for not thinking I’d have anything to write about!

Have a nosy at where I stayed right here… where we ate and rated here and if you want to visit the most random church I’ve ever seen, then you’ll be needing to read this post right here.

I’m going to Sicily again very soon… get ready for more Italian deliciousness!

Happy holidays people.

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