22nd October 2018

Fall in Sicily: why low-season is actually one of the best times to visit | AD

Fall in Sicily: why low-season is actually one of the best times to visit

After our first trip to Sicily, I knew it wouldn’t be my last time there. It is so unique and it truly needs more than one visit to fully experience it. Even since our second trip, I keep on thinking of ways to get back to Sicily. Yes, a summer holiday is generally more feasible as it is our standard time for time off, but Sicily in Winter? That sounds like the dream.

I love the sunshine and the sea during the summer, but travelling during the low season can absolutely be worth the wait.

Castellammare de Golfo, Sicily


There are a number of reasons why low-season is actually one of the best times to visit Sicily… better weather, lower prices and fewer crowds just to name a few. September and October are still a couple of the warmest months of the year, yet by then the scorching heat has cooled off a bit and the weather is more comfortable. The low-season also means that prices are a lot more affordable.

Two of the biggest budget-busters for any trip are generally the transportation to get there as well as accommodation. With less people travelling during the low-season, flight prices especially drop significantly as well as accommodation. In fact, during low season in Sicily you can also find holiday rentals for great prices and I prefer to find that little piece of heaven available to rent so there is plenty of space for everyone and it is 100% private.

Speaking of space and privacy…I have to admit, there being fewer crowds in the winter season is a major appeal. It is fun to be around the energy of summer visitors, but sometimes it is nice to have a little bit more space to yourself on the beach and not have to wait that extra 15 minutes in line for a gelato! 

What to do

Sicily in the winter still has plenty of things to do. It’s an island, yes, but there is so much more to do than simply go to the sea. (Although that is a definite favourite.) Castellammare del Golfo is one of my most favourite towns in the North of the island, and is amazing during the day or at night when the market appears at sunset. 

The autumnal atmosphere brings out the beauty of Sicily in a different way. The Valley of the Temples in Agrigento is one of Sicily’s most popular touristic destinations, though in the sweltering heat it can be a difficult to enjoy to its fullest as there are no shady spots you can take a break from the heat in. During the autumn, however, you can wander as long as you please. Autumn is also the period of grape harvest and the regions are particularly prosperous during this time of year.

Fall in Sicily: why low-season is actually one of the best times to visit

The food

Lucky for winter visitors, this means food and wine fairs are common in October and November. A popular festival is the popular Ottobrata Zafferanese autumnal festival that runs from 1-31 October, starring apples, honey, mushrooms and wine. For gelato lovers, the historic centre of Palermo is transformed into an ice-cream village from 28 September – 1 October with more gelato than you could probably dream of, concerts and shows.

Fall in Sicily: why low-season is actually one of the best times to visit

While I love Sicily any time of the year, there is nothing like Sicily during the winter-time…  

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