12th November 2018

Family Time | AD

Glacier hiking in Iceland

I adore my family, they mean more to me than anything else. I think we all get that. To be completely transparent and honest I’ve not has as much time as I’d like lately for some real, family-bonding time and it’s something I need to make more effort with.

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Life as a mum, a marketing manager, baker and blogger I know that the day-to-day may look exciting on social media, but it is still easy to get caught up in it all and forget about what really matters! Don’t get me wrong, we do get a lot of time as a family, but I feel there is such a difference between time doing normal life and family bonding time where time is purposely set aside to do something meaningful all together. I also find that when I make extra effort to have these moments my son Coby opens up and chats a lot more than usual. 

It is so important to get to learn more about each other, feel more connected to one another, and continue to build mutual respect between parents and children.

Glacier hiking in Iceland

Especially if you have kids of different ages, it is not easy to choose what family activity to do and that everyone will enjoy. 

So, here are a few ideas for some family activities:

Movie nights

I LOVE a family movie night. Especially when I don’t fall asleep halfway through something 😉

It is a fun activity that everyone can enjoy and there is no pressure attached to it. You can snuggle up all in the same room and just relax. No one has to feel pressured to talk (the dream of most teenagers) and if you’re too tired to be active you can still enjoy time with your family. On platforms like Chili, there are thousands of movies to choose from, so finding something that everyone will enjoy won’t be hard at all.

Spending that relaxed time together encourages emotional bonding and ultimately is better for every relationship. Studies have even proven that children who enjoy leisurely family activities tend to do better academically.  

Eat together

There is just something about bonding over the dining table, whether it is in your home, out at a restaurant or with a picnic in the park. Eating just brings people together and this is something we’ve always been pretty good at. It doesn’t need to be an elaborate meal or anything too complicated either! You can cook together, my son loves this, or just come together to share a meal and enjoy. One tip I have learned: share any serious “we need to talk” conversations for another time! Keeping the dining room table a bonding spot rather than an “uh oh, what did I do?” spot means kids will be up for a lot more meals together!

Share the housework

I know, this does not exactly sound like a very fun one that you could convince your family of. But it really can be! Some of my favourite memories have been with music playing, laughing about how many dishes it took to make dinner and teaming up to take care of it. Granted I think I’ll be forever telling my son to stop stuffing his socks down the back of his bed… but y’know, baby steps and all that!   

Family Trips

You already know I’m a fan of this one. Weekends away, quick one-night getaways, a birthday week in Croatia or Iceland even. Getting out of your normal environment shakes things up and is 100% worth it. You can choose a day-venture to the city next to yours, camp in your backyard or pick or a spot you all want to go to. It is a great way to start a new tradition and truly bond. Take some time beforehand to choose some activities to do and let your kids be involved in the planning process!  Coby loves to look-up destinations on Instagram saving them as he goes to plan what we should do. 

A strong family bond is so important and has such an impact on every single family member, especially the children.

It is surely something to continuously work to strengthen! What do you do as a family that helps bring you that little bit closer? I’d love to hear so we can maybe have some more choices. 

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  1. The difference that the little things make. Sitting at the table and eating together is such a valuable way to use half an hour rather than sitting staring at the TV with dinner on your lap etc. Lovely post.

  2. My kids are still quite young, but we love to go walking as a family (usually somewhere with a play park for the kids to enjoy at the end, and a coffee shop for mum and dad! Haha). But yes I think you’re right – putting specific family time aside is so important.

    And this post really resonated with someone because they chose to add it to the BlogCrush linky for you. Hurray! Feel free to bob over and collect your “I’ve been featured” blog badge 🙂 #blogcrush

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