1st February 2019

Happy Friday | 10 Good Things #1

Happy Friday | 10 Good Things

Firstly, thank Fu** January is over! It was long, it got so cold and it was just one big old exhausting month! I moaned quite a bit, it’s not good. I know it’s dead normal to have our up’s and down’s and some months will feel and be generally better than others. But yeah, just to reiterate – thank fu** January is over!

Happy Friday | 10 Good Things

I’m ready for you, February!

So, in a very positive way of turning around quite a negative, probably dramatic feeling about January, (and start to this blog post), how about we start February on a bit of high. Sound good?

Start as we mean to go on. Give praise to the good things no matter how big or small. Because balance is important! And being grateful even more so.

Looking at my stats

I was looking at my analytics from 2018 the other day and plotting on them on my fancy new excel sheet which shows my blog growth over the last 3 years. My most popular posts are baking ones, then foodie travels, but also, you seem to like my lifestyle/ranty talky-type posts. That made me really happy. These are the posts where I feel like I really get to be myself and where I get to write about what I’m really thinking .

I wrote a very unusual post last year called “The Time I was Body Shamed” and it gets tons of hits every day. My rant about my son driving me insane also seems to get picked up quite often – you can read it here. Also, you may have spotted I’ve been blogging lots about restaurants in my local area, especially Reading, and these are proving to be really popular too. Which is great as I’ve got a few review slots booked in for February.

So, when I feel like I want to give a general update on things, have a rant, shout about something amazing – these posts are going to be my way of doing that. Everybody loves a Friday, it’s the 1st February today – so what better day to start this little series of blog posts about what makes me smile.

10 Good Things

happy friday

Photo credit: Wedding Rings Photography.

Happy Friday | 10 Good Things

So, tell me, what’s made you smile lately, I’d love to know. There’s a comment box below, or if you don’t have the time, let me know what you think of this post using a cool little Emoji below! 🙂

4 responses to “Happy Friday | 10 Good Things #1”

  1. Jess says:

    Ahhh have a good time in NYC you will love it! I’m so jealous – I’ve been trying to convince husband that we need to go again but he isn’t having any of it.


  2. Bec Jones says:

    your cakes look absolutely fabulous 🙂 have a brill time in NY and Amsterdam – so much to see. I’m happy to be in February now too.
    love Bec 🙂

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