29th March 2019

Happy Friday | 10 Good Things #2

Teaching in Tangier-Day 2

Starting this blog series was a way to write about all the positive things happening in my life. They provide a way to look back and appreciate all the good stuff when I’m having a bit of a difficult week. These posts make me stop, pause, and provide me with a little reminder to be grateful for the opportunities I receive and for the support I have from friends and family around me.

It’s also the end of the month, so pretty timely to have a little round-up too!

Like lots of other people I really struggle sometimes with my workload and time-management. If something happens that’s out of my control (someone in my family getting ill, my oven breaking, etc) it can massively put pressure on what I thought would be a very organised week. These things can’t be helped, it’s life, but sometimes they also seem far worse than they really are.

Happy Friday - 10 good things

So, I like to reflect on the good things, no matter how big or small, to remind me that 1) it’s always going to be OK and 2) I’m lucky. Because I do feel lucky. I work hard to get the things I have, but I have no reason to moan or complain and I probably take a lot in my life for granted.

So, since my last Happy Friday blog post, here’s my latest 10 Good things.

Teaching in Tangier-Day 2
Happy Friday 10 good things

I’ve also just realised I’ve written 11 good things, and not ten. Buutttt I’m leaving them all in, because I can! It’s my blog… and I’ll do what I want to!

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