19th July 2019

Honeymooning in France – These Are the Regions Made for Romance

Paris looking out over the Seine

Couples from all over the world think of Paris when they think of a romantic honeymoon. After all, Paris has always been featured in films as the place where romance reigns supreme. However, there are other even more romantic regions in France that are idyllic for honeymooning. While Paris is the City of Lights with much to see and do, it is good to remember that it is a bustling city and as such, it is hard to find a place to simply be alone.

Paris looking out over the Seine

You can stroll the boulevards hand in hand but be advised there will most likely be dozens of other honeymoon couples walking those very same paths. Why not choose a region in France where there won’t be quite as many people and the only lights you will see at night are those stars in the sky above? 

Honeymooning in Champagne

When it came to the celebration after the ceremony, it is quite probable that the toast was accompanied by a chilled bottle of champagne. With France being located just across the channel, few Britons aren’t at least a bit familiar with this amazing region of France. Even so, when it comes to honeymooning, there is more than the bubbly to attract young couples in love. Although it may sound a bit odd to suggest you visit a tomb on your honeymoon, why not pay tribute to the monk after which the world’s most famous champagne is named? Dom Perignon is buried in this region quite near Reims and perhaps a bit of bubbly and a toast to the man who started it all would be in order.

Nothing Is Lovelier or More Romantic Than the Loire Valley

If you are thinking about visiting some of the vineyards and wineries in France on your honeymoon, you are probably thinking Bordeaux or Burgundy. Indeed, these are famous for their dry, red wines but the Loire Valley is home to some of the world’s leading white wines outside of Germany. This is where so many couples invest in wines such as Sauvignon Blanc, Chenin Blanc, and Cabernet Franc, all delightful whites. Sometimes this makes a nice investment for the couple’s future but it is important to check into the availability of wine cellarage back in the UK. Cellars like those at Octavian Vaults store wines at precise temperatures to ensure that the wine ages nicely. Wine cellarage is of utmost importance if you will be bringing home wine to be stored.

So, there you have regions outside of Paris with something to offer in the way of romance. Anyone can spend a honeymoon in Paris, but the time spent in the countryside where romance is literally in the air makes for a much more intimate experience. Why wrestle the crowds on these days when living together is just starting out? Spend your time wining and dining and enjoying the fruits of mother nature’s love. This is the France of romance and the ultimate place for a honeymoon.

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