25th July 2019

A Week of Food & Drink in Reading #1

Cocktails in The Corn Stores

I’ve been reading a few new foodie blogs the last couple of weeks and noticed that quite often than not the blog posts cover more than just your restaurant review type posts. They seem to create little-round ups and 10-best type posts, some even did interviews with local business owners. The idea that appealed to me most though was the weekly round-ups, they seem like a fun idea, especially if I’ve had a busy week and have eaten out a lot and the content is basically already there. I won’t be doing these every week though (the Reading food scene won’t be appreciated by everyone that reads my blog, I know that), and as much as the subject title may indicate that it’s a weekly thing, I’ll probably just do it once a month or so. We’ll see.

It then got me thinking about other foodie type posts I could do…’Top Five Brownies in Reading‘, ‘Where to get the best cup of coffee’ or maybe even ‘Where to eat when dining on your own‘. I dunno, will see what happens, but after a recent brownie discussion on Twitter, I may start with that one soon. 😉

My iPhone camera roll is full of snaps from the food I’ve eaten and sometimes they just sit there, doing nothing but making me hungry again when I’m scrolling through deciding what to post on my Instagram.

Nirvana Spa

Not in Reading, I know, but not far away either. Based in Winnersh Nirvana Spa is going through a bit of a transformation and I’m not sure if it’s for the better or for the worse.

It was my birthday last week so Steve and I had a little spa day treat and part of the package we were booked on included a buffet lunch and unlimited hot and cold drinks.

Now I never said at the start of this post, but not all my food snaps are pretty! The buffet lunch at Nirvana is nice, but its essentially just a pic ‘n’ mix of lots of food that never really matches that well. For me, anyway. It’s always fresh, tastes really nice and they never run short either.


I went for a nice little solo lunch on Tuesday, listened to podcasts and then caught up with some friends on Thursday meaning I had the B.B.C toastie twice this week – sans the first B… (bacon). Brie and cranberry make for a lovely combination and it’s my go-to toastie. Most SHED toastie fans go for the Tuna Turner which is apparently also great (if you eat fish).

Geo Cafe

Last Tuesday evening I went to a painting class (read about it here) and it was hosted at Geo-Cafe. The Khachapuri is outstanding and if there’s one thing I think of when I see Geo-Cafe, it’s this. It meant I could paint and eat at the same time and if you can’t finish off the whole thing (it’s pretty big and I think you’re meant to share it,) then you can take it home and warm it up later. Steve ate the rest of mine – standard!


Picnic, run by the very friendly John, has been a firm favourite of mine for over five years now and I have my friend (and ex-colleague) Libby to thank for it. I pretty much always have a salad box and a brownie. They’re made fresh, they’re filling and I find them a little nicer than just your standard salad.

This time my boss and I took our lunch to Forbury Park and chilled on the grass with a picnic blanket.



Meeting a PR friend for a little brainstorming session on content pieces for work meant that I enjoyed my usual almond milk latte a little later than usual on Thursday morning. The whole team at C.U.P are all so lovely but as I’m always in the Blagrave St. branch, barista Klodian has become a firm favourite – with his big smile and ability to chat about anything.


Pete is a friend I met on Twitter. He (and Dylan) have recently relocated to Wales and it was his one-of-many leaving do’s last Thursday evening. It was one of those nights that end up being a little spontaneous and a few other lovely friends ended up coming too.

I’m not usually a big fan of Veeno as I always wish they did better vegetarian food but I did spot when ordering my fourth, or maybe the fifth glass of wine that they were making pizza’s behind the bar, and I’m sure that must be a new thing.


There’s not a lot to write about this one but before jumping in my taxi home we had one for the road – I *think* I probably went for the Elvis juice… who knows! 😉

The photo is from a previous visit…


Most people who read this blog or follow me on Instagram or Twitter will know that Vegivores is one of my most favourite street-food vendors to exist. I can’t wait for their shop to open in Caversham. Friday was hangover day (after the Veeno antics) and if anything was going to fix me it was their Sweet Potato and butterbean tagine.

I wasn’t really in the right frame of mind for taking a photo so go take a little peek at their Instagram feed instead!

The Corn Stores

Every Friday after work we all go for one drink together as a team. Working next door to the Corn Stores means that 90% of the time we end up there. I was bullied into having an alcoholic drink, and being too tired to even put up a fight gave in and the barman, sensing my hangover (or maybe my wino breath) asked if I’d like to have something off the menu and he came up with this fruity little number. I think it had gin it, maybe rum? But, here’s the bonus – my headache disappeared and the whole ‘hair of the dog’ thing saved me.

Thirsty Bear

I spent most of Saturday at home and cooked for myself – it does happen! 😉 All weekend Steve had been banging on about a pizza place where you could buy by the slice or order a full pizza if you prefer. Someone at work had told him about it, he loves pizza, I’ve written about this before in my review of Papa Gees and about our pizza class at Franco Manco.

But here it is…our very very small pizza! We’re going to go back with kids soon and I may write a blog post about it at some point.

There’s only one negative thing about writing a post like this, and that’s the realisation of how much money I spend on eating out. I could pretend I’ll start bringing my lunch into work from home, but from past tries I know I won’t last longer than a couple of days doing that, so there’s no point!

I’ll stick to weeks like this, just maybe less booze from now on.

Here’s a little map of everywhere mentioned above, just in case you want to try somewhere. You may also like my popular ‘Vegetarian Food in Reading‘ post too.

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