29th July 2019

The Top 4 Fashion Travel Accessories for Overseas Vacations

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If you’re getting ready to go on a vacation abroad, you’re probably already thinking about packing your best clothing for the adventure. Of course, it makes sense that you’d want to look great the whole time and be prepared for any photo opportunities that will inevitably arise during the trip. However, in addition to packing some great outfits, it’s equally important to consider which fashion accessories you’re going to bring along. To help you put together a list of items that can help spice up your travel wardrobe, consider the following list of the top four fashion travel accessories for overseas vacations:

1. Luxury Sneakers

Wearing normal shoes when you’re on the vacation of a lifetime doesn’t really make sense, especially if you’re heading to one of the many fashion capitals of the world. Consider bringing some of your best shoes along for the journey. If you don’t really have too many luxury footwear options to choose from in your shoe closet, check out the catalogue of Balenciaga sneakers from SSENSE. They stock a wide range of men’s and women’s luxury sneakers that are perfectly fashionable in every country on Earth. 

2. Bluetooth-Enabled Luggage Tracker

Losing luggage is a mishap that can really mess up your vacation plans and make all of the other tips on this list useless because you’d wind up not having any of the accessories you packed. Thus, the next recommendation on our list is a Bluetooth-enabled luggage tracking system like the Tile Pro. You can use these convenient devices to quickly locate luggage or other personal items like your wallet, phone, or keys. Taking these with you on an overseas vacation could save you an untold amount of time and hassle. While they aren’t going to boost the aesthetics of your outfits, they’ll keep you from losing them, so they’re definitely worthy of a mention. 

3. Windproof Travel Umbrella

Let’s face it, being rained on while you’re on vacation in another country isn’t something that most of us would prefer to have happen, as it usually means you’ll have to head back to your hotel room for a fresh change of clothes. If you’re headed to a particularly windy place or the weather forecast predicts that there might be storms in the area, bringing a windproof travel umbrella is a must. Luckily, these lightweight umbrellas are available in a variety of design prints that can match any outfit.  

4. Laptop or Device Bag

If you’re going to be bringing a laptop, tablet, e-reader, or a couple of backup smartphones or other electronic devices, it’s best to have a fashionable place to store all of your portable technology while you’re on the go. Look for device carrying bags that have integrated charging ports for maximum convenience, as that will keep you from having to actually dig out your charging cables when you need to juice up.

Set Yourself Up to Look and Feel Great

Ultimately, the four recommendations above are there to serve one purpose – making you look and feel your best while you’re on vacation. After all, if you’re going to be investing a significant amount of money and time into your trip, you might as well make sure you’re dressed to impress and equipped with all the modern conveniences as well. 

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