8th November 2019

Is a Van the Right Fit for Your Family?

When you and your partner are looking to get a second vehicle, you will often try to pick something that meets the needs of your family. This can mean some very different things. Some people might prefer to get something smaller so they have a car they can jump in to run some errands. Others might prefer a car that is bigger and can pack more in. If you are in the latter group, why not consider a van? It 

Let’s debunk three myths about vans and explain why one just might be the perfect fit for your family!

Myth 1:

There’s a common misconception that vans are only appropriate for commercial purposes. While many people do use vans as part of their business, there are many others who also use them privately.

For instance, vans tend to be very popular with anyone who travels a lot and tends to transport bulky items. If you’re a water sports enthusiast, for example, a van might be your best bet for travelling with all the gear safely stowed. Or you might be in a band; while you might not have hit the big time just yet you still need a way to get everyone’s equipment to and from the gigs. 

Take a good look at your lifestyle and try to work out if you need the storage and flexibility a van can offer. If your answer is yes, you should seriously consider a van. 

Myth 2: Vans are Expensive!

One of the biggest arguments against vans is people think they are expensive to run. While cars are often a little cheaper to insure and a little more fuel efficient, the difference is likely to be fairly marginal. 

It’s also worth bearing in mind that there are price comparison sites that are designed to help you shop around for cheaper van insurance, which means you might not pay much more for your van insurance than you would if you were insuring a car. Platforms like Quotezone.co.uk, for instance, can help you find cheaper van insurance by comparing quotes from dozens of different insurance providers.

Other costs of running a van are comparable to a car. For example, you won’t pay any more on your MOT than if you had a car. You can also reduce the cost of your insurance by taking advanced driver courses, parking off-street, and installing basic safety measures like secure locks. While a van is going to be slightly more expensive than a car, it is not overly expensive. It is the perfect choice for anyone who is searching for an upgrade on space without having to pay out vast amounts of money.

Myth 3: Vans Have Limited Seats!

If you are thinking about turning a commercial van into your own private vehicle then it is quite likely that you will find that the only seats can be found in the cabin. However, this is not the only configuration of seats you can get. If you have a big family, this can be accommodated for. 

All you need to do is make sure that you are opting for a van which has been designed for passenger transport. Just as many people can fit in a van as in a car, possibly even more depending on the van you are looking at. If you have a big family and a standard people carrier just isn’t going to cut it, a van is a great option to consider. 

A van is also great if you need space for a family and for pets. Dogs need to be in a secure crate in the back of a car as that is the safest place for them. More often than not, you are going to struggle to find a car that can offer you space in the boot for a dog, space for your family, and space for personal belongings. A van might be a good option here.

The Right Fit for You

Many different families are using a van for one of their vehicles and you could be next. It is a truly useful vehicle which many different people will love. When you have made the switch to a van, you are truly going to be left wondering why you did not make the change sooner. If you are on the hunt for a new family vehicle, it is definitely going to be easier than you think to find a van. Take a look at the options which await you now!

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