29th June 2015

California Dreaming…

I named this blog post ‘California Dreaming’ as I recently went on my sunny holidays to California and the café I am about to blog about was one I had the chance to visit whilst there.  It was so delicious I’m pretty sure that I am going to be dreaming about the amazing treats for quite some time…

I’m sure there are many of you out there who like me, have made friends with fellow bakers online through sites like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter etc.  So imagine how excited I was to finally have the opportunity to meet up with a cake friend I had met through Facebook who lives in San Diego – not far from LA at all.   After searching online and nothing really taking our fancy (I know – hard to believe right!) eventually we came across this fantastic website  – and our  decision was instantly made! Here is why…


See… all it took was this picture right? Doesn’t it just look to-die-for?

Bottega Louie is described on their website as ‘a 255 seat Restaurant, Gourmet Market, Patisserie and Café’.   Initially I thought it must be huge! I normally love quaint little pretty cafe’s so I was little inquisitive about how noisy this place might be, but also grateful that we probably wouldn’t have a problem being seated, which is why they don’t take reservations.  I loved that there was a restaurant too, so we could actually eat something substantial before tucking into the glorious sweet treats on offer.


Elegant surroundings with smart but comfortable seats


Beautiful packaging – I love a big piece of ribbon

So, armed with a glass of fizz and a menu in my hand I started the process of narrowing down my food choice! I always find this so hard when the menu is so good, and even like to wait and see what everyone else orders first (for fear of missing out) before I make my final choice.  In the end I decided to order the Porchetta Sandwich –Slow roasted pork, caramelized sweet onions, Peppadew peppers, arugula & brined caper aioli – it was AMAZING!! To help wash down my food I also ordered a Cherry Italian Soda, and again it didn’t disappoint! I even munched on the yummy fresh black cherries that were left at the bottom!



So finally, crunch time arrived – what dessert was I going to choose? After seeing the vast amount of delicious treats in the window, of which I knew I would only be able to fit one in, I finally settled on the ‘Le Grand Macaron – French almond cookie with vanilla cream, raspberry jam & raspberries’, and as you can probably guess – big thumbs up again! The macaron was baked to perfection.


Overall, I wholeheartedly loved Bottega Louie, the food was perfect, the service great, the atmosphere was buzzing and to make it even more perfect – there is a bakery shop too!  So whilst I had completely stuffed myself I could still buy treats to enjoy later (Yes, as you can probably assume, I did come home a few lbs. heavier.. ggrrrr)

Here are a few more images just to keep your mouth watering 😉

macarons                     macarons2

chocolate2                      Crème brulée, key lime & berry tarts! OH MY! Take your pick in our Gourmet Market. — with Key Lime, Crème brulée, Berry Tart, Crémeux, Passion Fruit, Peanut Butter, Hazelnut Brownie and Frangipane.





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