7th November 2016

Cookie Class

royal iced biscuits

Whenever I hear the word ‘biscuit’ the first thing that comes to my mind is a chocolate bourbon! Or maybe a digestive, or possibly even a custard cream.   I’d always thought of the biscuit as a comfort food, something to satisfy my sweet-tooth or to dunk into my coffee.

When I heard that The Cake College was taking on a new tutor who was amazing at creating super pretty iced cookies I knew instantly that I needed to nab myself a place on a class.  When Lucy (who runs the College) showed me the images my entire outlook on biscuits changed immediately! I’d obviously heard about these fancy little ‘pimped-up’ treats before and have followed the amazing SweetAmbs for a few years but never did I think of ever having a go myself until then.

As you may have spotted I am a tutor myself at the College so it did feel a little odd being on the other side of the table, and I’m pretty sure it may have been a bit strange for Debs (the new tutor) too! I arrived bright and early to get my seat next to Debs (little tip there – sit near the tutor!) and I was welcomed by the lovely Sally with a hot cup of fresh coffee ready for the class to begin.

There were six other ladies also taking part –  and I recognised a couple of ladies from the classes I teach which was really nice, and we had a mum and daughter team on the hunt for some inspiration and a new skill so by the end of the morning session we’d all had a good giggle and I’d made a couple of new friends 🙂

Cookie class

Cookie class

Debs runs her own wedding cake business and is certainly one talented lady.  Her website (recently revamped) is just flipping gorgeous – total website envy there! And her work even more beautiful.  I mean – WOW! just look at this cake!


So quite clearly I was going to be learning some fabulous insight and was very excited. Debs took us through the basics of how to make a piping bag from grease-proof paper – so simple once shown, and how to hold the bag correctly. She explained all the different types of icing consistencies, explained how the class would run but most of all was super helpful, very easy-going and quite clearly ‘knew her stuff’.

Cookie class

Cookie class

The morning was spent mainly prepping and practicing then once we’d had a nice little lunch break (and I’d found Lucy’s stash of jelly beans for my incredibly shaky hands – sorry Lucy) we were all ready to go and get going! I loved it! Truly loved the whole process. I’ve always enjoyed the tiny little detailed parts of cake decorating so decorating cookies has that same kind of feel.

You have to be quite steady but at the same time have the confidence to be brave and go for it! I was a little clumsy and occasionally made a finger print mark in my still wet icing but overall found it quite easy to pick up.  After a little more practice and with a little more experience under my belt I may just add sugar cookies to my own portfolio.

royal icing roses

I can’t actually believe I made these!!

royal iced biscuits

The class required a good amount of concentration and focus, and it was fairly quick paced but not so fast that you couldn’t keep up, but it was a thoroughly enjoyable day, and – after my perfectionist tendencies were put to the side – I found it quite therapeutic and really could see the potential in learning this technique.

Even the more advanced parts only really require imagination and a steady hand. The group size was perfect as Debs was able to pay us all attention, answer any questions and correct any mistakes we were making – including my burst bag spillage! Oops – there’s always one! We all left at around 4pm with a box full of our work all feeling really satisfied and proud, and with a whole new outlook on biscuits.

I’m a total ‘pimped-up’ biscuit convert!


Have you tried a Royal Iced cookie before? What do you think of them as an alternative to cupcakes or maybe even an addition to a wedding cake? If you’re interested in taking this class, or any other class you can view the full range here.

Natalie xxx

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