16th December 2016

An introduction to my experience of being a Mum.

I’ve always thought that my blog was just a place to write about cakes, baking and well… cakes, but occasionally I go a little bit off track and write a more personal post.  Last February I wrote ‘Where are you from?‘ and back in June 2014 there was ‘Perfect Mum Syndrome‘ and I also like to share details about my travels so after reading lots of ‘Mummy’ based blogs lately I realised I’d never really done anything about my experience of motherhood… so here you have it! ta-da!

I guess the first thing to do is introduce you to my wonderful, gorgeous son Coby. He is 11, although he would be the first to point out; soon to be 12 in April.


The early stages

I had Coby when I was 22, so considerably young, and looking back, possibly quite naive. I had so much energy though and he literally was a dream baby. Slept through the night at 5 weeks, ate all his food (a habit that’s never changed and he now continually empty’s the cupboards bare). I never had any expectations of what motherhood would be like and just went with it.  We of course had our more difficult times and he has always been so full of energy, loud and just well… raring to go! All the time… literally from the moment his eyes opened till the moment he dropped… he didn’t stop!


Toddler life

I became a single parent when he was 3 and that was tough, but at the same time I really appreciated, and still do now, the bond that it brought between us.  When we drive past our old little house where just him and I lived on our own, he still remembers and says “Ah mum, can you remember our little house” Kinda brings a little tear to my eye.



Looking back

If only I’d known that there had been  more opportunities for me to connect with other Mums online.  I didn’t really know anyone (I moved from York to Wokingham) and all the people I did know were part of group of friends I could no longer be a part of, and I wanted to make my own friends and distance myself from the people that were part of my son’s Dad’s life, not for any bad reasons, just more for my own sanity and independence! Maybe I was just too embarrassed to admit it then, but looking back now I was probably a bit lonely.

But look at how many online communities there are for Mums now, I recently started to register with more mummy-type blogs/vlogs and the amount of information available is insane! Every topic, recommendation, meet-up opportunities – it’s all there and so easily accessed. Makes me almost want another baby just to be able to take advantage of it!  (Jokes… promise… in case my boyfriend or Mum reads this).

My favourite online parenting platforms are Mush (I love this one and even recently contributed to the recent Crowdcube fundraising), MeetOtherMums (#BlogSquad) and last, but certainly not least, vlogging community Channel Mum – watching videos is sometimes just a lovely alternative to reading.  I follow quite a few of the CM vloggers online and find them really interesting and funny, particularly Natasha Bailie – her instagram live posts make me laugh. 🙂

So, I guess this post is more of an introduction to the fact I do have a child, he’s no longer my baby, I’m in the ‘tweenager’ stage and  oh my how things change at this point! I’m going to make more of an effort to write about all the things that go on.  Senior school changes, hormonal stories, working-mum life, bullying (positive and negative), how our first Christmas of him being a non-believer goes and just generally anything that may be of interest.  We cook and bake together a lot so I’ll most likely share those experiences – but maybe not the mess he makes!

I don’t want to ramble on much longer but I don’t think I could end this post without a mention of my pretty, clever step-daughter Lucy.  Also the same age, 3 months younger than Coby and probably my number one cake fan – she even did a presentation at school once about my cake business- how cute is that! Hi Lucy (waving).  Lucy lets me blow-dry her hair, put in plaits, we’ll dabble with make up (when her Dad isn’t looking) and I get to do all the girly things I don’t get to do with Coby – perfect! And just look at those freckles….


So, watch this space – more parenting rambles to come!


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  1. Oh what a lovely way to introduce a new facet of your blog, and let your readers know a little more about you. Your photos are gorgeous! And I’m so glad that things have worked out for you and Coby after your time of just being the two of you.


  2. […] own room so we told them they could order room service (within reason) and they were so excited! Coby, being Coby, ordered the most expensive dish on the menu – steak! and Lucy was all modest and […]

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