12th June 2017

A Foodies Day in London 

Do you love a nibble? I love a nibble. It’s fair to say my boyfriend and I love a food fair, and it’s high up there as one of our most favourite things to do. Probably because there’s just nothing better than getting to try lots of things, rather than just one dish.

Even when we go on holiday or have a long weekend away we’ll always try to find out if there’s a local food market happening.  For me, one of the best things about travelling, is being able to explore new foods and only in a local market do you get a real feel for the place, and it’s the only time to try the real local dishes.

This weekend just gone we were completely free from any responsibilities. The sun was shining and as it’s sometimes just as much fun playing on our own doorstep we hopped on the train into London.  Together we set off, excited and with empty stomachs all prepared and ready to feast!

I’m sure the other passengers must have heard my tummy rumbling!

A Foodies Day in London 

Kensington Food Market 

We’d heard that London’s Night Food Market was on at Kensington Perks Field and from the lineup on the website we knew we’d be in for a treat. To taste food like this, you’d normally need to book way in advance.

It’s on until the 18th of this month and if all of this ‘tickles your tastebuds‘, you can get two tickets for the price of one using the code LONDON at the checkout! Cheap as chips too!

Don’t forget to tweet about your day using the #LONDONLOVESFOOD.  Remember – take cash and arrive hungry!

The name is a little misleading however as on a weekend it’s also open from 11-4pm and then again for the night session at 5pm.  Make sure you check the website for full details though.

A Foodies Day in London 

Grazing in London’s spring sunshine is hard to beat so we began, actually I was on my own with this one, by eating a total cheese feast of a toastie from The Cheese Truck.

I’d recently invested in their Crowdcube fundraising for the Camden shop so I was mega excited to finally taste their wares.  I wasn’t disappointed! #keepitcheesy

A Foodies Day in London 

This was quickly followed by a fresh coconut.  Perfect!

A Foodies Day in London 

My boyfriend went for the vegan curry and after having a little taste I decided the peanut one was my fave.

A Foodies Day in London 

For our final snack of the day we shared a portion of fried plantain – AMAZING! We’re going to make a curry ourselves with this soon and I think we’d both agree that this was definitely a highlight.

A Foodies Day in London 

The best thing about this food market is that all the stands are local and all represent the huge diversity of food culture offered in the city. Vegan, Dairy Free, Gluten free – all welcome! Everyone can enjoy something here.

A Foodies Day in London 

A Foodies Day in London 

Moving On…

Full, refreshed and with a little more energy we left Kensington and wandered over to Portobello Road to people-watch and bargain hunt at the market.  Always fun!

Spotting lots of graffiti and wall art along the way

A Foodies Day in London 

Portobello is chock-a-full with antique shops & nick-nack stores. The perfect spot for sunny afternoon wanderings. You’ll be able to watch and be entertained by the best of street performers.

It’s also one of the best places to buy fresh flowers too.

A Foodies Day in London 

Portobello has a flow to it; first up it’s the antiques, then the tourist tack, the food stalls, and then by the time you get right to the end, its vintage clothes galore. There’s something to suit everyone. When I last went with my Mum and brother they loved it!

I occasionally wish that we lived in London. You’re spoiled for choice with great fresh produce and there’s always a market around the corner where you can get hold of the best stuff. You’d never need to go to the supermarket would you? So..who wants to buy me a pretty pastel town house in Notting Hill? Anyone…?

17 responses to “A Foodies Day in London ”

  1. Alexandria says:

    Gluten & dairy free sounds awesome to me! Great photos!

  2. prettybrownnomad says:

    Love your blog. Will definitely keep all of this in mind when I travel there.

  3. I miss living in London! I always went to the South Bank food market behind Waterloo station for a Polish hotdog. Yum!

  4. Emi says:

    The food looked so good! Yum! I’ve been to London, but never to London’s Night Food Market. Will have to visit next time!

  5. This is the third blog post I read today about London. The food looks great! Now I am hungry. Off I go to make dinner!

  6. goodygal says:

    The fried plantain looks delish!

  7. Wow! These food looks amazing! You are making me hungry!

  8. ljdove23 says:

    This all looks amazing! I love the cheese toastie truck, that looks fab!!

  9. I’m so jealous! Love a nice foody weekend

  10. Great pictures and I was actually drooling while reading and looking at the food pictures! Fresh coconut is just so awesome, We get it so easily in India but its quite hard to find it here, Living in London does have many advantages 🙂

    • hellocuppies says:

      It so does, I love London. I am however dying to go to India for so many reasons, one being the food!

  11. Joanna says:

    London is such a great hub for tasting all sorts of delicious foods and international cuisines. The fried plantains look delicious, I used to eat them all the time in the Caribbean.

  12. This all looks amazing! Oh, and I’d love one of those houses, too

  13. Michelle Le Goff says:

    I missed the night market, seems like it’s so much food and I love nibbles too!

  14. I have always wanted to take a trip to London for something like this! It’s one of those things that everyone else seems to do and thoroughly enjoy. The food looks fab (wouldn’t mind trying plantain) and I would definitely like to go through the nik nak shops for some nice curios. Sorry, I’m afraif I can’t help you with a Notting Hill residence, that lottery win insists on remaining quite elusive!

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