5th September 2017

Boca Boca, Salou

Boca Boca, Salou

After our amazing holiday in Sicily we decided to have an extra week in Spain and hopped on a quick flight over to Barcelona. Our kids needed a little more teenage company and we knew that staying in a hotel with other children would be the ideal chance for them to burn some energy and relax a little more before school starts again.

I’ve mentioned before in other posts that these weeks where we all get to spend time together are probably the most valuable ones for us out of the whole year. We like to do the less ordinary kind of things and we always like to surprise them.

Of course being the children of two total food addict parents means they love a good find of a restaurant just as much as we do.

You know that feeling when you’re headed out to lunch and you know it’s going to be awesome? Welcome to Boca Boca!

Quirky decor, lively music and an energetic atmosphere makes this place the perfect family restaurant.

Boca Boca, Salou

Boca Boca, Salou

A gorgeous space with an original mixture of industrial, a twist of vintage chic, recycled furniture and antique pieces are what make this place a little different from all the other Salou based restaurants we’d seen.

Boca Boca, Salou

Pretty girls orchids on every table. This place is an Instagram/Pinterest goldmine. (Check out my Instagram here)

Boca Boca, Salou

There’s cocktails for me…(rocking the no make-up look here, eek)

Boca Boca, Salou

And me…

Boca Boca, Salou

And me… only joking, there’s mocktails too.

Boca Boca, Salou

And then there’s the food.. oh my the food was good!

After a week of cooking in our villa, which don’t get me wrong; I loved, eating out was more than welcome.

We’d stumbled across this place the evening before for drinks and we’d happened to pick up a menu and browse through the food… page after page… tapas after tapas… and with the kind of glances where you’re all thinking the same thing we knew immediately we were coming back the next day for lunch.

Boca Boca, Salou

We gorged on burgers.

Boca Boca, Salou

Boca Boca, Salou

Drank real fruit smoothies.

Boca Boca, Salou

Demolished the patatas bravas.

Boca Boca, Salou

Munched on veggie sandwiches with punchy flavours, probably the sort of thing you could do with after a night on the tiles… but distinctly healthy too.

Boca Boca, Salou

And it would be a crime to miss out on the onion rings. They may look pretty simple or something your Mum pulled out the freezer in the early 90’s but they were surprisingly light and crispy.

Boca Boca, Salou

And just when you think you literally cannot squeeze one more thing in out come these little babies with a side order of real vanilla ice-cream. The crepe was mine, the waffle was Coby’s.

Boca Boca, Salou

Boca Boca, Salou

The service was maybe a tad slow but isn’t that true to the Spanish norm? We were in no rush.

Should you find yourself in Salou, I highly recommend popping in. Be sure to go hungry!

32 responses to “Boca Boca, Salou”

  1. I’ve always wanted to visit Spain and this is definitely a good reason to do so. I loved the photos. Those mocktails looked so delicious and the food too! Thank you so much for sharing your adventure!

  2. Sounds like you had such a great vacay! This resto looks so chic with all the greenery, and I’ve never met a patio I didn’t like! I love dining al fresco. Your food pics are to die for. Everything looks so yummy!

  3. Oh my, I’m sooo hungry now 😀

    Everything looks so delicious in here! From food to cocktails. And you look amazing! You are shining girl :))

    Can’t wait for more posts!

  4. amandakrill says:

    You are killing me!! Spain is my top of the list, I’m dying to get there.

  5. Nancy L says:

    You’re so lucky! I have been to Italy, but never to Spain. It is definitely on my bucket list after seing the amazing food! The real fruit smooties are calling me, too! I would seriously travel to Salou for the drinks and dishes alone!

  6. keisha1989 says:

    These pictures are amazing. Everything looks oh so good to eat. Spain is on my bucketlist. I can’t wait to visit.

  7. bonjourzoe says:

    Oh my goodness, all the food photos have got me salivating! Definitely adding Salou to my travel bucket list. Thank you for sharing xx

  8. Everything about Spain is just calling my name! I love the vintage chic. And the cocktails. And all that yummy food?? Yes, please!!

  9. JNote says:

    The food selections look so inviting. Yummy! I would want to go there just from seeing the wonderful food pics you have here. The orchids add a nice touch. I like that they have a nice drink menu too.

  10. We are headed to Spain, great article, food looks amazing!

  11. Helen says:

    Your photography is stunning and all of this food looks so delicious! If only I could reach into the screen and take that waffle 🙂

  12. Jovana says:

    Can not wait to visit Spain myself 🙂 Your photos look amazing dear, I can see that you had great time there….and great food 😀 Everything looks very delicious 🙂

  13. fionamostyn says:

    Love the retro design and the hanging pictures. Will have to check out your insta to see some more!

  14. Wow, you are so lucky that you are able to roam the world so easily. I can only imagine how wonderful it would be to decide to make a pit stop in another country after a vacation.

  15. elenasts says:

    That food looks delicious. I am heading to Italy in a couple of weeks so you can imagine my excitement. But not Sicily unfortunately. i am just going to Milan.

  16. nicoleflintkontrol says:

    Spain is on my travel bucket list! Great photos.

  17. Nai Elle says:

    Those mocktails look awesomely delish! 🙂

  18. Oh wow this place looks amazing and those red drinks are making my mouth water! x

  19. Tanita says:

    Aw what an amazing time. Those drinks look amazing! Spain is lovely, it looks like you had the most amazing time you looked so lovely and relaxed in your photos. xxx

  20. We are going to Salou next year for a holiday! We will have to look out for some of these whilst we are there. Barcelona is on the itinerary hopefully, as our daughter has asked us to take her there on one of the days but we are told there is plenty locally as well to keep us entertained! 🙂

  21. fasetto says:

    My goodness! Your photos are excellent! All of this food looks so incredible, but you don’t need to look any further then your smiling faces to see you had a blast in Boca Boca!

  22. Gosh
    I am well & truly starving now after reading this post… your cocktails all look fabulous.

    I love how into your food you are… so positive to see ♡♡

  23. Oh yum! I’m always looking for somewhere that does good Bravas!

  24. Ithfifi says:

    How lovely that you got to extend your holiday! I love the decor of this place, modern and yet classic. The food looks amazing, I can see why you returned! Beautiful photo’s 🙂

  25. I visited both Matrid and Barcelona last year. We did a weekend in Barcelona and definitely was not enough time. So we’re hoping to retun in the ext couple of years. We spent an entire week in Madrid and had a blast! Your photos are really awesome. And I’m sure those drinks were yummy! Hate I didn’t get to visit Boca Boca.

  26. Amina says:

    This restaurant looks amazing! The food looks like it is made with love, and so unique! Patatas Bravas are my absolute favorite!

  27. Sonia says:

    Oh my goodness this has made me so hungry! That food and drink looks out of this world! I’d love to go to Barcelona! I think the flight times are pretty reasonable so might have to consider it for this next year x

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