5th December 2017

What Christmas Means To Me

Christmas, it’s the most wonderful time of the year. Isn’t it? (And if you didn’t sing that first line out loud then what is wrong with you?) A magical day that happens just once a year. The event with no dress code, no invitation is necessary, PJ’s are acceptable and it’s the one day of the year where you can stuff your face with as much chocolate cake, roast potatoes and mince pies as you’d like.

Recently someone called me a Grinch because I wasn’t getting excited about Christmas in November! Y’Know, the month where we’re just adapting to the cold and accepting that bonfire night is done with and our bank accounts are about to take a battering because your son writes you a three page Christmas list. It’s good to dream I suppose! At least he’s given me lots of ideas and shows ambition! 😉

What Christmas Means To Me

I do love Christmas, I really do. I just can’t celebrate or get excited until it’s actually Christmas! There’s nothing wrong with that. I don’t start shopping in July, I don’t put my tree up a month before and I certainly don’t get the tacky Christmas jumper out until at least the middle of December.

When growing up in York our decorations, and tree, went up 12 days before Christmas and no earlier. If my Mum could stand them for long enough they’d also stay up until 12 days after Christmas too. We all used to put the tree up together and make a bit of a fuss out of it. Even when my brothers came along we’d all join in and shout, tell each off for putting a bauble in the wrong place, or generally just sit in the corner and watch the whole event unfold. My Mum would even let us have a taste of her dodgy 80’s classic drink…a Snowball!

Childhood memories last forever, especially if they’re beautiful ones.

I remember my sister and I writing letters to Father Christmas, circling items in the Argos book, then watching my Mum bake and cook ready for the big day. I don’t ever recall the mad, crazy month before panic though. It didn’t get really fun until we’d broken up from school.

One of my favourite recollections is that of Christmas morning when we’d all run downstairs and our presents were arranged in nice neat stacks. I’d maybe have a big armchair full, my sister would have one side of the sofa and working out which pile belonged to who by scrambling for labels, was so much fun! I would shake the wrapped presents, furiously trying to guess what was inside. Even if I didn’t always get what I wanted and even though I know I got way more than I really needed, I was never disappointed.

The simplest things are sometimes the most memorable.

Ultimately for us, Christmas carried an important meaning in that we were all together. I remember there was always a certain air of happiness because everyone seemed to be a bit kinder and more caring.

Putting the Christmas tree up is a big deal for me. I like to do it all together as a family and I love baubles that are sentimental or bring back happy memories. At one point when I was younger I used to collect baubles from my holidays and then reminisce when I saw them dangling. I have a dodgy peg person that my son made at nursery when he was three and I have a few non-descriptive pieces of crap glitter induced stars he lovingly made me too.

What Christmas Means To Me

They are my favourites!

Here’s what else I love about Christmas.

  1. Scrambling in the back of cupboard for the best storage box I’ve ever owned which is full of neatly organised baubles, lights and trinkets. Best investment I ever made, and it keeps me feeling all smugly organised when I see it. Quickly followed by exclaiming “OMG, I totally forgot about this one” at approximately 80% of them.
  2. Mince pies. Warm, cold, hot. With cream. On their own. For breakfast, elevenses, dinner and supper. I’ll eat them all!
  3. Christmas films – even the ones I hate – Sorry, Family Stone. I literally want to kick over the TV every time Sarah Jessica Parker squeals or shouts cause y’know, she quite frankly shouldn’t be playing anyone else but Sarah Jessica Parker, never mind a thoughtless, bratty, snobby freak.
  4. Playing Cluedo and starting an argument with Coby about how he simply cannot know the killer, the weapon and the room it happened in about 10 minutes after the game started. Where the heck is his patience and competitive streak? Have I taught him nothing!  FFS.
  5. Eating a Chocolate Orange for breakfast because calories don’t count over Christmas.
  6. Instagramming your tree, your fairy lights, your reindeer socks, your Christmas candle collection, your homemade shortbread, a fave bauble of yours, and anything else that you thinks looks pretty and unique. We have Instastories this year too – game-changer.
  7. Prepping dinner on Christmas Eve, putting the Chef’s bottle of Bucks Fizz in the fridge ready (keeps you company whilst cooking) and then waking up the next day excited to get your bake on!
  8. Buying as much glitter, table confetti, wine glass trinkets, crackers and tinsel to decorate the table with as you can possibly fit on the table without compromising room for the actual food.
  9. Eating ten different types of cheese, even the ones you don’t like, within one hour because ain’t no cheeseboard like a Christmas cheeseboard!
  10. Watching Coby and Lucy unwrap their presents, each with their own style, getting more and more excited as they go along.
  11. Admiring how amazing the living room looks after the kids have thrown ever single scrap of paper, ribbon and wrapper around that they could. That moment where no-one clears up and you get to witness absolute chaos is hilarious to me.

Ultimately I never want to be one of those people that worry so much about what I want Christmas to be like, that it comes and goes and it was not at all what I was dreaming of. Our Christmas is always a little different to the norm, and I know that’s fine too. I just want to be at home, with my family, taking a little time out and reminding myself that Christmas is a time to be grateful for the year that has passed, and to look forward to the year that is to come.

It is a time to look up, look forward and to be happy. What do you love about Christmas? Do you have any traditions you simply couldn’t miss?

Merry Christmas everyone!

15 responses to “What Christmas Means To Me”

  1. roadtowajnblom says:

    I am one of those Christmas maniacs that starts decorating well before December, I just can’t help it! It feels so cozy in the house so I always enjoy getting our tree and decorations up early 🙂 But most of all I just love being able to spend a little extra time with my family!

  2. Jordan Cammie Walker says:

    You have no idea how much I loved you post. It reminded me of when my Nanno and Nanna where still alive and I’d visit them. Nothing felt as much like home and Christmas than just being in the kitchen with Nanna and watching her bake Christmas cakes and cookies. While Nanno snuck in to tell bits and bobs of this and that and song off-key Christmas songs randomly. Family memories are so much more important than gifts. Thanks for this post. Truly.

  3. That’s super cute that your son gave you a three pager!! Totally keep that for memories’ sake, right? It’ll be funny and sweet in the future. I also love to eat pretty much everything the holidays offer…when else can we do that?! I go on my sugar fast in January, but until then…anything goes, I think?! 🙂 🙂 🙂

  4. I love getting together with my family for Christmas dinner. As a tradition my mom always sleeps over my place Christmas eve and watches Christmas movies with me in our matching pjs.

  5. I love Christmas, too! But, like you, I want to celebrate it at Christmas time. . . definitely not until AFTER Thanksgiving here. Our usual tradition is having my hubby’s family over on Christmas Eve and doing the big dinner then. Then we can be as lazy as we want to be on Christmas day. My family is too far away, so that allows for laziness and being able to just be together with my hubby & kids. Hope you have a wonderful Christmas season!

  6. Corinne and Kirsty says:

    I love Christmas because it is the only time of the year where my whole family is under the same roof. I have a brother in Ireland, i live in the UK, my family is in France… so i is always a bit hard to have everyone together!

  7. Cia Black says:

    I Think it’s a mom thing, seeing the paper everywhere Christmas morning, I know that I look so forward to it every year, because it’s that moment when no one is worried about the mess just about the excitement and all the children are finally getting along.

  8. Nati says:

    You know, In a way I totally get what you mean, my Christmas memories are quite “different”. I grew up in Argentina. In fact I lived there until my 24th bday, so 2/3 of my life. Well, December down there is equivalent to August in the northern hemisphere!! Not only Christmas happens with 40°C, but also in the middle of summer break. As a child, during the whole month of December, my only concern was having fun at the swimming pool with my friends, we don’t have all that expectation starting in November, and all the decorations fuss. Christmas is a celebration we only do on the 24th evening. We eat and cook a lot but nobody starts cooking before the sunsets (it’s way too hot) so our dinners start at 10pm and end way past midnight! In the middle of the dinner Santa Claus (a guy dressed like him) comes and delivers the gifts to the children. Yes, the children stay up way past midnight, then the party begins and usually involves dancing, music, fireworks and gallons of iced bevrages (a little bit like 4th of July in December). So, since I came to Switzerland, everything about Christmas feels terribly DULL for me.

  9. nicoleflintkontrol says:

    Everyone is always in a great mood during Christmas and that’s what I love about it!

  10. Hello friend, its a nice article What Christmas Means To Me”.I love this Christmas specially…because it is the first Christmas after my marriage.

  11. Indu says:

    Christmas means celebrations to me. Cake, gifts, decorations and wishing friends on this celebrated occasion, all these make a perfect Christmas for me.

  12. Anna says:

    What a lovely article. Christmas also means forgiveness, reflecting and giving for me. I love looking for presents for my loved ones and making them smile.

  13. This is the time to spend and bond with our loving family, giving and receiving gifts of course. and I enjoy singing Christmas carols with my kids.

  14. Ana Vukosavljevic says:

    What a lovely post! I really can’t understand people who don’t like Christmas and holiday spirit! There is so much in it. From the spirit to hanging out with your family.

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