6th January 2016

Happy New Year!

I know, I know.. it’s the 6th January and I’m writing my New Years blog post now.  I had the best intentions of doing an ‘end of year’ blog post too, but instead decided to completely break off from the cakes and enjoy my Christmas & New Year to the max! Better late than never though I say 😉

Did you have a lovely Christmas? I hope you managed to gorge on lots of chocolate and cake? I did, it was the best and I had a lovely time with my boyfriend and children.  We holed ourselves up at home, watched lots of films, played games and ate.. and ate… and ate more! It was heaven. I turned off my Facebook messages, turned on my email out of office and completely relaxed – it was well needed.

New Years was spent in Copenhagen which was fabulous, cold but really nice to get away and if you’ve even been or heard about Tivoli Gardens it’s even better at Christmas.  Twinkly lights, mulled wine (Glögg) and hot chocolate.


One day wandering around the city I found the prettiest little cupcake shop right in the heart of Copenhagen – Serenity Cupcakes, check out their Instagram page here.  Mariam has achieved what lots of us ‘cakers’ dream about, and her shop and cupcakes really show how hard she has worked.    The cupcakes are baked fresh every morning and the smell when you walk in is welcoming, the atmosphere is cosy and I love that your cupcake is served on a pretty little china plate.  I was naughty and had two.. a Bohemian Raspberry and a Chocolate O’dream. Yum!


Tuesday was my first official ‘cake day’ back and I managed to get through all my emails which was lovely! It seems so many of you have been proposed to over Christmas so a huge Congratulations to you all.  It is just a shame that I have limited availability left this year but it was also great that so many of you are organised, and I have confirmed some beautiful exciting cakes for 2017.

What I have planned for this 2016…

Last year was a complete whirlwind.  I baked and decorated more cakes and cupcakes than any other year and haven’t even managed to work through all of my photos yet. I was super happy and managed to take part in a beautiful shoot collaborating with some fantastic industry experts, (details here) and teaching at The Cake College was a huge success! I met so many fabulous people and can’t wait for another great year.  More classes have been launched and dates up until July are now live.  I feel very lucky that I have such fabulous & loyal customers with a few new friends made along the way.

A few fun little figures for 2015: 32 wedding cakes, 15 baby shower & christening cakes, 19 birthday cakes,  1 photo shoot, 2 interviews, 5600 cupcakes(!!) and 22 classes.

Thank you 2015, you were fabulous! 

New Year

But, sometimes things have to change. Not drastically, just a little.  My son is in a really important year at school and needs more of my time, I have other projects in the pipeline, and having increased my dates at the College I have decided to take a small step back on the amount of orders I book in this year.  I’ve realised that as good as 2015 was, I was exhausted! I had limited time for my family or myself, didn’t see my friends as much and I started to feel like I was fulfilling orders like a machine and this year I need to go back to remembering that ultimately my family always come first.  I think the final straw came when I curled up with a book over Christmas and forgot when the last time was I had actually managed to do that. Small things…

I’m hoping lots of you understand where I am coming from, as I’m sure I can’t be the only one.  I will still be here blogging, teaching and sharing photos of my work.  Don’t forgot to follow me on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook and Pinterest to keep up with various updates. I’ll keep an eye out for you to follow back 😉

2016, I’m ready for you!

Natalie xx


3 responses to “Happy New Year!”

  1. Marie lavin says:

    Loved reading your blog Natalie n wow what a talented busy lady you’ve been I will be following you x marie x

    • Cuppiesncream says:

      Hi Marie *waves* thank you so much! I’m actually a little behind lately but promise to publish soon xx

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