3rd January 2017

Round Up – 2016 in numbers

Inspired by a blog that I regularly read and enjoy – More than Just a Cupcake Lover here is my little round-up for 2016.  It’s quite satisfying to do this and gives you a good overview of what you achieved and how you can ‘up your game’ in 2017. I haven’t stuck to the 1,2,3 order and have kinda done a random number fact list instead.

And yes, I know it’s the 3 January but there’s still time to do this if you fancy! 😉

1. Number of classes taken 

I love to teach cake decorating so to be on the other side of the table was interesting! I had such a fun day and really want to do more classes in 2017.


6. Number of holidays I was lucky enough to take 

Denmark, Paris, Crete, Salou, Mexico, Vienna – WOW! work hard, play hard… that’s my motto!


12. Number of baby shower orders taken

I noticed quite a big increase in these last year. Baby showers are definitely fashionable and I predict even more this year.  They are also really nice to make – one of my favourites.


16. Number of blog posts published 

I really need to blog more!! This is my main priority for this year.  I’m going to be a little bit more flexible with my posts and my blog will feature more lifestyle and parenting posts but I’ll still be sharing my baking and cake adventures.  I’ve joined a few blogging groups too which is completely new to me… watch this space.

22. Number of cake and cupcake classes taught

Ahhh… one of my favourite things about this industry – teaching and meeting lots of lovely people.  No matter how many times I teach the same class it’s always fun. You’ve all been amazing. It’s particularly lovely when people return too.  See more details here.

26. Number of wedding cakes produced

Considering I only bake and create cakes part-time this is a lot for me! I rarely take on more than one wedding cake a week but this year I had a couple of weekends with two cakes in.  It really was a tad stressful so this year I have planned my diary so that I go back to one wedding cake at a time.  This is my hobby too and I like to make sure each wedding cake gets my undivided attention.

42. Number of gluten-free orders delivered 

In the last year this has really increased. I have Coeliac disease myself so I ‘get-it’… all of it! From cross contamination, to the worry about being ‘glutened’ and right down to having separate non-porous GF equipment.  I think through word-of-mouth my gluten free cakes have developed their own little reputation.

112. Kilo’s of fondant used!

Uh what!! I managed to work this one out from my receipts and stock orders and had to do it again as I just couldn’t believe that! That’s a lot of fondant! In case you’re interested this one is my ultimate favourite fondant.

650. Increase in Twitter followers

I’ve really worked on my Twitter this year so it’s interesting to see it is working! I’m pretty ‘small fry’ considering and I probably need to have a review of my followings but with 3,607 followers altogether I’m pretty chuffed! Similarly Facebook has been SO hard to maintain this year but I’m currently at 10,181 likes – but my engagement levels could be so much better!

10,682. Number of cupcakes baked

Wowzers! Although I did have quite a few corporate orders and wedding cupcake towers last year so that explains that one.  Long live the cupcake!

A few numbers I just couldn’t work out, but would have loved to have known are… how many eggs I’ve used.. how many cupcakes I’ve eaten (a lot, and my thighs are not impressed), how many times my son begged for chocolate fudge cake scraps….

It will certainly be interesting to see how much things change in the next 12 months.

Happy New Year!

Natalie xx



3 responses to “Round Up – 2016 in numbers”

  1. wendy says:

    Soooo many cupcakes!! It was lovely to be a part of 2 of your many classes last year and I think Mum has already got her eye on booking another class so maybe see you soon! 🙂 Good luck with all your cake baking this year, you should keep a tally of all the eggs you use 😉 xx

  2. Hi Wendy! Thank you for commenting. 🙂 I’m so going to track my egg usage this year! That’ll be interesting! Hopefully see you soon xx

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