12th January 2017

Cutter and Squidge, Soho London

I love Soho, it’s one of my favourite parts of London. It sits beside two of the biggest shopping streets – Oxford Street and Regent Street, a location that makes it the ideal combination for shopping, drinking and eating. I think it feels friendlier than other parts of London too. The bustling streets are surrounded by big old buildings, with people shouting, rushing, and loitering around and it’s is always bustling with activity and different things to do. It’s a maze of little back streets thriving with businesses of every kind and like the rest of London, there are SO many hidden gems and sometimes all it takes is for someone to point them out, even though you may have walked past them a million times before.

Coffee shops sit comfortably next to furniture shops, pop-ups rub shoulders with sex shops, and business-like people mix in with the creative ones. So if you’re in London and want to go somewhere cool, (that doesn’t involve parting all night and neon signs) I know just the place and if you don’t know about this little gem already you’re in for a treat!

Cutter and Squidge

Run by two food-obsessed sisters Annabel (the Cutter) and Emily (the Squidge) its heaven for those with a sweet tooth (like me). Choose between their signature ‘Biskies’, cakes and other treats before taking a seat upstairs OR head downstairs to the secret garden (I highly recommend).  We were booked in for afternoon tea and walking down to the secret garden feels like you’ve been transported into a world of make-believe, with butterflies, flowers and twinkly lights making it the perfect setting for eating pretty cakes, sipping on Prosecco and washing it all down with a fruity tea.  

I would say it also felt a little ‘Alice in Wonderland’.

I’ve been a long-time follower of C&S on social media and have been dying to make a visit for some time.  I was really excited and choosing not to eat breakfast turned out to be a really good choice as I ate so much cake and was completely stuffed afterwards.

My favourite parts…

What I love most about Cutter & Squidge is that Annabel and Emily have not only created the coolest cake shop, but you can also see personal elements of their personalities and culture all around.

The cake flavours are unique, the ingredients are as healthy as they can be but best of all, no artificial ingredients or colourings are used.  According to the website, the sisters insist their bakes are 100% all-natural and they extract all the beautiful colours from fruits and vegetables and everything in the shop is completely hand-made from scratch – I love that!

The menu is big, but not so big you feel too overwhelmed, and nothing makes me happier than a bakery selling 8 signature flavours (plus more) of cake!

Afternoon tea

Afternoon tea arrives in cute little stacked Chinese steam baskets. You start at the bottom with your sandwiches, tomato crackers, scones and warm cheese clouds – these were a particular favourite of mine, they arrive still warm and literally melt in your mouth.  

Working your way up, the next layer is generously filled with that many treats I didn’t know where to start.  Every single dessert was amazing, the flavours balanced perfectly and if I had to choose two favourites it would be the Passion-fruit Macaron and the Strawberry Pavlova.

Finally, and at this point, I was really starting to get full, the last two treats are the Brownie Bowls and Lollibag Dreamcake – it was definitely a case of saving the best till last.  No matter how full you are at this point, you will squeeze them in.

The future

I can’t wait to see what Cutter and Squidge come up with next.  This bakery has achieved so much already and I can only predict that the two savvy sisters will continue to come up with more ideas, more themes and create more perfectly tasting and pretty cakes. Have you seen how neat these layers are – it’s like cake architecture!

100% my most favourite cake shop – and I’ve been to plenty! I can’t wait to return.  

Take lots of pictures, the place is an Instagram gold mine!

7 responses to “Cutter and Squidge, Soho London”

  1. Chastity says:

    I would love to come to London and visit, this cafe is so pretty. A great place to have tea and enjoy delicious sweets. Thanks for sharing the imagery.

  2. Okay this place looks ADORABLE! I love all the cute cakes, macarons, and treats! It looks like a lovely spot!

  3. I think I need to jump on a plane and go to this cafe now! It looks amazing!

  4. That’s my kind of place! I want, no need, a stacked Chinese steam basket loaded with all sorts of treats and tea! Why don’t we have that here?! That would definitely be somewhere to visit if I should ever find myself in London.

  5. Camela says:

    Cutter and Squidge sound so amazing! I’ll have to try them next time I’m in London ☺️

  6. Working Mum says:

    Amaaaazing. My mouth is watering reading your post and I am a bit obsessed by the look of those cheese clouds. Of course the cakes too but having just eaten chocolate, I am now craving savoury! I am in London in July and now plotting how on Earth I can get rid of the three children to get there and taste that afternoon tea in a Chinese basket…

  7. What a gem of a find! I visit lots of cafes and this one has just been added to my list!

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