4th May 2017

Venice in Spring

Over the Easter holidays, I had the opportunity for a long weekend in Venice. Having previously visited in the summer months and always a fan of a less manic out of season visit, I just couldn’t say no.  I love Italy, who doesn’t?

The Flowers

There’s no denying Venice is absolutely gorgeous in Spring. The city awakens from its wintry spell and wisteria blooms over the canals. The Venetians are welcoming, the atmosphere is fresh, and the views are full of sunshine and light.  There’s flowers….. and lots of them. Everywhere. The darkest of backstreets come to life with pops of colour – evident from the labyrinth of narrow bridges, courtyards and winding canals.

Our Home for the Weekend

Our home for the weekend was the brand spanking new Palazzo Veneziano. Small and boutiquey where the staff are eager to please, the floors gleaming and the beds super comfortable.  If anything, after a manic week with my son I was dying for a good nights sleep and I was sure that combing some amazing pasta, fresh pizza, crunchy biscotti, all washed down with a traditional Aperol would certainly do the trick.

Venice in Spring - A weekend break in Venice at spring time

We arrived early, and after a quick freshen up we wandered down and headed out for some lunch ready for a full afternoon of exploring.

Venice in Spring - A weekend break in Venice at spring time

As the famous saying goes, When in Rome do as the Romans do.  When in Venice, order pizza and wine! (Slightly lesser known, but still excellent advice if you ask me!) 😉

Venice in Spring - A weekend break in Venice at spring time

The Romance! 

Now, no blog post about Venice is complete without a little bit of cheese – the ‘love’ word needs to be mentioned at least once! Venice is known for being one of the most beautiful and romantic cities in the world and it’s true, I wholeheartedly agree, and experiencing Venice is like falling in love.  Your heart often skips a beat when catching a glimpse of a new view, and you can easily become mesmerised with its beauty & uniqueness.

Venice in Spring - A weekend break in Venice at spring time

If you haven’t visited Venice before, when you eventually do you’ll very quickly notice that wherever you go, there’s a bridge and a canal.  And wherever there’s a canal, there’s a good chance you’ll see a gondola and gondolier. And forget the map, you don’t need it in the slightest.

Prepare yourself for gasps, squeals of “oh, look!” and “oh wow!” as you rush to drink it (and snap a photo) all at once.

Venice in Spring - A weekend break in Venice at spring time

With this in mind we re-visited the usual tourist spots quite quickly, Rialto Bridge, St. Mark’s Square, The Basilica, admired the views, took photos, ate more pizza and slurped a few wines before deciding that this time, just to be a little more adventurous, we were going to go off the beaten track.

Activities you May Enjoy

Braving it

So leaving the gondolas and crowds behind we mixed with the locals and meandered down the back streets.  We walked over countless bridges, found cute back-street wine bars known as bacari all serving traditional cicheti (the Italian version of tapas) and people-watched the locals.  This is a truly traditional experience in which to get totally immersed! Avoid the restaurants where the menu is translated six times and the table cloths are plastic, walk a little more, take a risk.

Venice in Spring - A weekend break in Venice at spring time

If ever there was a city made for wandering, it’s got to be Venice. It feels like you couldn’t make a wrong turn. Upon every corner, there’s something so beautiful to see, and the people are very welcoming.

Venice in Spring - A weekend break in Venice at spring time

Even the darkest of alleyways may all of a sudden lead to the most beautiful courtyard, littered with bistro tables and candlelight.  Occasionally I would turn around and all of a sudden wonder how I actually got there!

Venice in Spring - A weekend break in Venice at spring time
Venice in Spring - A weekend break in Venice at spring time

Mind you… I’m not known well for my sense of direction…

We made lots of new friends too…

Venice in Spring - A weekend break in Venice at spring time

Over canals and through alleyways, getting as thoroughly lost as possible.

Venice in Spring - A weekend break in Venice at spring time

There are lots of places along the way to grab a drink, an ice-cream or a hot cappuccino.

Venice in Spring - A weekend break in Venice at spring time

It’s hard to imagine that Venice is somewhere people live day in, day out, all year round as it’s just so different to any other city I’ve seen. Instead of the constant annoying honking of car horns that greet you in some cities, it’s the buzz and hum of boat engines.

Venice in Spring - A weekend break in Venice at spring time

Outside each of the buildings, instead of driveways with cars, there are little platforms and walkways with space for a little boat.

The streets and buildings could possibly be described as a ‘little bit run down’, but in Venice, they just fit and add to the fairy-tale feel that the city has.

Venice in Spring - A weekend break in Venice at spring time

We spent three days exploring and didn’t once feel like we’d had enough.

Venice is equally as beautiful and vibrant on a night time too and although it’s certainly not a ‘party’ city the wine bars and restaurants do stay open until late.

Venice in Spring - A weekend break in Venice at spring time

Venice is a place you really need to visit.  Or if you’ve already been why not try another destination? I’ve recently discovered Clickstay who have the most unique villas available… roll on to our next break away.

Make it happen.

Ciao, Ciao

37 responses to “Venice in Spring”

  1. Lucy Webb says:

    Love this…so envious! I live vicariously through you and your travels!

    • hellocuppies says:

      You just wait till Theo is a little older…it’s SO much easier, I promise. Plus, we have the added benefit of our free weekends. X

  2. speddinga says:

    Lovely photos Natalie – hotel looked very familiar … I think I may have stayed there 🙂

    • hellocuppies says:

      Thanks Alison, really trying to up my photo skills! I’m not sure you will have as it only opened the day we arrived, unless it was a hotel previous? Actually, it was directly opposite the Molino Stucky where we all stayed too x

  3. msmamabean says:

    Venice is such a charming city, I never get tired of it. I love everything about it.

  4. Looks like you had the bst time. I did Venice in May but it was so cold 🙁

  5. gingylove says:

    I loved everything! I can’t wait to venture around Italy one day and just wonder around. It seems like you got the full experience and enjoyed your time! Those flowers are gorgeous!

  6. This took me right back to Venice! I agree with you that it’s amazing to go out of season. 🙂 Love love love your bridge walking photo! 🙂 xoxo

  7. Jan says:

    Looks like you had a lovely time! I haven’t been to Venice in over a decade, but your post has inspired me to want to go back!

  8. Everything about this post is magical and inspiring. I want to go to Venice so bad. Thank you for inspiring me to get up and GO!

  9. Love the photos! Venice is such a romantic and beautiful place to visit. It’s in my bucket list and I hope I’ll visit someday.

  10. thesecretlifeofanactress says:

    Venice is always a good idea! 🙂 Beautiful pictures btw!!

  11. Hales says:

    I went to Venice in the summer and it was dreaaaadfully hot & humid – Spring looks like a much more pleasant time!

  12. Wow Venice … So beautiful place . I’ve been there almost every week when I was working on MSC cruise ship . I miss so much this place as well as some places in Italy , I love the the Italian food .

    Grazzie mi piace molto . Thank you for sharing such a wonderful articles
    Your pictures bring me back to the 10 years back memories .

    Best reggards
    Made , Bali island

  13. Ramelle says:

    I would love to travel out of the country and this helps me strive for the goal

  14. Jan says:

    Wonderful post. I love your photos. I haven’t been to Venice in over 10 years now and after looking at this I think it’s time to go back! There’s so much I want to do again/see again!

  15. I have always wanted to go to Venice, looks so beautiful

  16. Shannon says:

    What a beautiful place! I love all your pictures! 🙂

  17. Venice is, without a doubt, one of my favourite places in the world! This post completely takes me back there.

  18. great post, I love Venice, cheese included. It is unique and romantic, I’ll never tire of it!

  19. what a lovely place thank you for taking us through a short trip love visiting any where I can

  20. nichole says:

    What beautiful pictures! I loved your post, I’ve wanted to go to venice so many times. Take me with you next time!!!

  21. My goodness… the food, the flowers, the Aperol… it all looks so delicious. I really must visit 🙂

  22. I never been to Venice before. It is my dream to go there one day. Looks like you had a great time there. x

  23. What a beautiful place to visit! I haven’t been but have always wanted to go 🙂 Going on a gondola is on my bucket list! x

  24. Laura says:

    Oh god Venice is so beautiful! I’ve just added it to my ever growing places I must visit list

  25. Kirsty Dee says:

    this is a dream bucket list of places to go ♥

  26. This looks like a fabulous trip! I’ve never been to Venice and would so love to visit too. Loving all your photos! 🙂

  27. I visited Venice a couple of summers ago and fell in love. Your photos are awesome!

  28. What a gorgeous trip! I’ve yet to visit Venice. Booked it last year and ended up cancelling. Need to put it back on my places to visit list. Your images are stunning.

  29. I adore Italy and Venice is next on my list to visit. I am so jealous it looks even more amazing than I thought it would x

  30. Such beautiful photos! I adore Venice, we visited in the height of summer and it was so hot! Spring looks like the perfect time to visit. Is there anything better than an Aperol on the canal side?

  31. It’s been a looooong time since I’ve been to Venice, and I know it has gotten impossibly crowded, but seeing your gorgeous photos and reading about how you spent your time makes me want to go again. I had some great adventures there.

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