12th July 2016

Crumbs Cupcakery, York

Pastel colours, floral armchairs, refurbished English dressers, cosy corners and pretty pictures on the walls… that’s what springs to mind when I think of Crumbs Cupcakery in York.  Oh and of course cupcakes! I always think of cupcakes.

On my visit home to York this past weekend I booked us in for afternoon tea at this cute little cupcakery.

A couple of my friends had visited and after a little stalking session of their Instagram page I decided that it would be bonkers not to give it a little try. Now I know that I’m not the easiest to cater for (vegetarian and mushroom free) but Danielle who runs CC didn’t even flinch when I placed my advance order. It was really wasn’t made into a big deal which is always such a relief.

Set in a pretty little courtyard just to the East side of the Minster the views and location are perfect. Easy to find, even if you are new to York, and if the weather is nice you can sit outside and watch the world go by…or in our case, watch the tourists take a million and one selfies…!

The shop itself is spacious, clean, pretty and the staff are really friendly and approachable.  Our reserved table was conveniently placed in front of the bright bay window and in front of the cupcake counter where we could sit and eye-up all the yummy treats.

After around 10/15 minutes our drinks arrived, teapots and pretty teacups were placed on the table with chintzy pots of sugar cubes to match.  I had coffee in a cafetiere which was delicious.  Our food began to arrive and the table was laden with treats and plenty to go around.  I personally the found the portions huge and left very full and satisfied so for £9.95 a person it’s a really good deal.

The gluten free sandwiches were perfect, the bread some of the nicest I’ve had, the mini quiche was fresh and generously filled and the sweet treats were delicious:  brownies, mini-cupcakes with real buttercream and a fresh scone with jam and cream for everyone.

My only slight criticism would be that I would have ideally liked a full-sized cupcake rather than two little mini ones.  We did after all go for the cake mainly and sitting in front of the large cupcake counter looking at the yummy flavours really makes you feel quite envious! But it was no biggy as my Mum bought a box to take home anyway.

Crumbs Cupcakery has been open since 2012 and they seem to be fulfilling what York needed and that was a genuine fresh, home-baked feel cupcake shop.

There are so many quirky, expensive cafes in York that provide plenty of competition for CC but I feel personally they do stand out, have found their niche in the market and I really hope they continue to succeed – I will be back on my next visit home!

Thank you Crumbs Cupcakery for a lovely afternoon tea.

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