1st September 2017

Castellammare de Golfo, Sicily

Life in Sicily is beautiful, simple and occasionally feels a little like stepping back in time.

Whilst we had been very happily hiding away in a world of loungers, swimming pools and olive trees, we did occasionally have to leave our amazing villa and on this particulary warm evening ventured on down to the town at the bottom of the mountain. A quick ten minute drive, abandoning the car as close as possible we wandered about to explore and sightsee.

Castellammare de Golfo, Sicily

Castellammare de Golfo (translated as “Sea Fortress on the Gulf”) is quite simply one of the most beautiful and charming towns I have ever visited. Conveniently situated between Palermo and Trapani its noted for apparantely having been the birthplace of many American and Sicilian mafia figures and was used for filming parts of Oceans Twelve.

Castellammare de Golfo, Sicily

It’s small, quaint but has a certain authentic atmosphere that makes you want to lap it all up and never leave.

Life centres around the pretty little harbour, complete with restaurants and fishermen all bringing in their catches from the day. The cobbled streets wind up through the mountain where you’ll find more restaurants, shops and market stalls.

I've noticed the sunsets in Sicily are always the most beautiful shade of pink and they create the most amazing golden light and feeling of tranquility.

The Sicilians really love their fresh fruit and veg stalls and you won’t find a town or village without one.

Castellammare de Golfo, Sicily

Cobbled streets lead to pretty churches and amazing views that even an impatient and tired 12 year old can appreciate.

Castellammare de Golfo, Sicily

Castellammare de Golfo, Sicily

No lavish hotels, pretentious high rises, casinos, or nightclubs. Just you, the windy streets, pastel sand coloured houses and the cool refreshing sea breeze.

I've noticed the sunsets in Sicily are always the most beautiful shade of pink and they create the most amazing golden light and feeling of tranquility.

Once you’re done with exploring you can enjoy some food on the clifftop, with the most perfect view and yes, you guessed it, another amazing sunset.

Castellammare de Golfo, Sicily

I’ve noticed the sunsets in Sicily are always the most beautiful shade of pink and they create the most amazing golden light and feeling of tranquility.

I became a little addicted to tomatoes in Sicily. They are probably the juiciest and reddest ones I’ve seen so I indulged and ordered two starters for my main; Caprese Salad and Bruschetta.

Castellammare de Golfo, Sicily

This town is sort of place you really have to stop and take it all in. If you ever visit be sure to spend a little time exploring, you can easily get lost amongst some of the pretties streets in Sicily.

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19 responses to “Castellammare de Golfo, Sicily”

  1. Jessica Barnett says:

    I am beyond jealous!!! I wish I could travel one day! I love the photos, it adds such depth!

  2. Oh my!! I always want to visit Sicily! It looks really beautiful. Thank you for sharing your experience! Are they welcoming people for foreigners?

  3. Wow, Sicily is so beautiful. The sea, streets, buildings, shops, food, everything there is so amazing.

  4. What a beautiful post! I love everything about it – the pics, the architecture – the love of where you are really shines through!

  5. ktmommyscene says:

    Such a pretty coastal town. I’d love to explore it or just live there for a few months.

  6. lucicoo says:

    Such a beautiful city. The food looks amazing. I have to add that to my bucket list in places to go to.

  7. Sicily looks like something that came out from my dreams! I regret not visiting when I was living in Rome a few years ago, it looks so amazing in your pictures.

  8. such a beautiful town , love these photos.

  9. maykat says:

    Sicily is beautiful, it’s on my bucket list of places to visit. Your photos are beautiful, especially the one of the sunset.
    Thank you for sharing, it looks like a perfect, serene and pretty place to visit.

  10. Joseph O. says:

    This place is such a beauty. I can’t wait to begin my travels

    • Joseph O. says:

      I’d definitely love to pay a visit to this beauty and the meal looks mouth watering and sightseeing over the clifftop rather astonishing.

  11. Those views look stunning, Sicily is one of the places on my bucket list, one day I will get to go there!

  12. Wow this does look like a beautiful place to visit!! I love the markets and the scenery! It’s definitely on my list of places to go!

  13. Sonia says:

    Oh wow this places looks amazing! That sunset is so pretty! I’d love to go to Sicily. Thanks so much for linking up to #ThePlacesWeWillGoLinky x

  14. Amina says:

    What an incredible place! I love the pictures! How was the food! I bet the pizza was incredible! My husband is Italian and we are hoping to go to Italy in the spring! Hopefully we will be able to swing by this incredible place1

  15. I have never been to Sicily – the harbour here looks so pretty #ThePlacesWeWillGoLinky

  16. Such a beautiful place and makes me dream of sunnier times!

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