12th October 2017

Arriving in Altopascio, Tuscany | AD

If anywhere sums up laid back undiscovered Tuscan charm, it’s Altopascio. I’ve mentioned before how much I love an out of season getaway and after a quick flight into Pisa driving past rolling green hills dotted with terracotta coloured houses, meandering past farms, irresistible restaurants and orchards we quickly arrived at our beautiful family home for the week.

Arriving in Altopascio, Tuscany

I’ve been dying to tell you about this place since the moment we first arrived.

Villa Cerine, Altopascio

Siting proudly up its own private driveway its hard not to fall in love with Villa Cerine’s traditional cosy charms. Immaculate, crisp and clean with cool smooth stone floors my brothers, my Mum and I were a little overwhelmed and in awe of this villa, and we all knew we’d quickly feel perfectly at home.

Arriving in Altopascio, Tuscany

Surrounded with olive groves and far enough from the rest of the town to fall completely silent at night, but close enough that we could be at the shops in five minutes by car or a ten minute walk to one of the local restaurants. It’s also worth mentioning at this point that even though we had a hire car the local train station is a five minute walk away and easily one of the most convenient ways to travel around Tuscany.

Ditching our cases we followed our enthusiastic and charming host, Loradena, taking in as much as we possibly could, all secretly claiming which bedroom we liked the most, and if it was too late to consider having a dip in the pool which was shimmering perfectly in the setting sun.

Arriving in Altopascio, Tuscany

I settled for this pretty bedroom with a large sumptuous king sized bed, two double windows basking the room in warm flowing sunlight and my own en-suite big enough to host a dinner party in. Traditionally furnished with a vintage wardrobe and a dresser for all my trinkets I knew that this room was for me.

Arriving in Altopascio, Tuscany

There are actually four bedrooms, all of decent sizes, and two bathrooms upstairs, one bathroom downstairs and a spacious kitchen we could all dance around each other in. Coffee is always brewed early with breakfast eaten on the patio.

Arriving in Altopascio, Tuscany

Cosy Corners

There are pretty little lounge areas for guests to snuggle into with books…and the odd Bellini. Lemon trees, a massage room (yes, really) a playroom and large park for children and two (one outside, one inside) huge dining tables to feast at. I can’t go any further without telling you about the massages we all had, one word – Belissimo!

Arriving in Altopascio, Tuscany

We’ve been sleeping with our windows open listening to the wind blowing through the trees and waking with the sun rising to the east of the house slowing basking every room with the most perfect natural golden glow.

Arriving in Altopascio, Tuscany

These are our moments of happiness.

Food, glorious food! 

The local supermarket itself is a pocket sized dreamland. Stocked with the freshest and most glorious of foods, some being totally new and things you all of a sudden need to have. We’ve stopped by every day or so to stock up on drinks, lunch and of course the necessary nibbles and treats. You may remember from my Sicilian villa post how much I love to cook in a real Italian kitchen so keep your eyes peeled for a feast related post.

Arriving in Altopascio, Tuscany

One thing I’ve learnt on my travels around Italy is that the people here are probably the most hospitable people I’ve ever met. Genuine, welcoming and always keen to share their love of their country. We stored some excellent recommendations of local restaurants and attractions to add to our itinerary.

La Loggia

We found one local restaurant to be particularly special. ‘La Loggia’, originally the oldest tavern in the region with exceptionally good spaghetti and with only seven tables giving a cosy and intimate atmosphere. Its here we also learnt that Altopascio is most famous for its bread. For over 1,000 years it has been known as a place for pilgrims to pass through for somewhere to relax and rest before continuing on their journey. Its un-spoilt, utterly irresistible and with home-made desserts to die for you’ll easily want to return. This chocolate pistachio tart is now a firm favourite of mine and I can’t wait to re-create.

Arriving in Altopascio, Tuscany

The menu is traditional and always cooked to the faithful Tuscan traditions. It’s all in Italian, but don’t worry, the owners will happily explain the dishes for you and recommend their favourites too. Plus, it gives you a chance to gesture wildly, smile a lot and mutter in whatever Italian you can manage. My Mum and brother had the Ragu and the noises they made whilst eating we’re enough to know it was good.

This part of Tuscany most certainly deserves a pin in your map of places to go. History, architecture, food, drink, relaxation and classic traditional beauty. What more could you possibly ask for? I can’t wait to show you more of where we’ve been exploring.

Here’s to simple times and days spent with those that matter the most – family.

If you’d like to take a peek at Villa Cerine in more detail then click right here. If you enter HelloCuppies at the checkout you’ll also receive a £50 discount off of a booking of £500 or more.

25 responses to “Arriving in Altopascio, Tuscany | AD”

  1. Love this! Bellisimo indeed! Thanks for sharing this with us. We love our off season trips too but this sounds like you had an amazing experience. The villa must’ve been enchanting. La Loggia sounds like the perfect place to sit for hours, eat, have great conversations & drink wine. Perfection!

  2. Thank you for sharing this! Yes, I think the Villa is a nice place for relaxation, it’s inviting and I bet that the days spent to stay in the place are worth it. I am hoping that I can visit this place too. Would love to visit La Loggia and try their “chocolate pistachio tart”. 🙂

  3. I had to come back & read this again. We’re wanting to visit there so I made notes. Thanks again!

  4. I’ve always wanted to visit Tuscany. Looks like great place for family, super calm and relaxing, and nature is so beautiful.

  5. Shubhada Bhide says:

    That is such a great place to visit. Perfect to unwind and to relax. Super calming view and the ambiance is really great. I like it.

  6. jin says:

    I’ve never heard of this place in Tuscany! But that’s why it’s ‘undiscovered’, as you’ve mentioned. Everything looks totally laidback and quiet – my kind of thing! Will def add this to my Tuscany bucket list!

  7. Erica S says:

    Ohhh! How jealous am I! Going to Italy, and specifically Tuscany, is a lifelong dream of mine. Gorgeous photos, what a lovely trip.

  8. Oh my gracious, what a gorgeous place! I’ve never been to Italy, but it’s been on my bucket list for years. I was surprised at how lush everything looks and I especially love the look of the houses, particularly the roof on the one you stayed in. The inside decor is charming to say the least and I’m afraid if I had been on that trip, I would never have wanted to leave!

  9. Angela Ricardo Bethea says:

    Wow!! This Villa looks so perfect. Very relaxing and calming place. The ambiance looks so stunning.

  10. I would love to visit one dayn ny husband and i think oje of thr best parts of travrling is the food

  11. Deb B. says:

    So beautiful, peaceful and serene. Wow… And what a treat for your family to be able to experience this with you. I think I would spend a lot of time in the lounging area. Sigh.

  12. I have always wanted to see Tuscany. Seeing from your post and the pictures it looks like a beautiful place. I would love to stay here when I visit too.

  13. I haven’t heard about this place but this is so beautiful and a very relaxing place. I wish I can visit there.

  14. Italy is definitely on my bucket list. This villa looks so beautiful and relaxing. I love the idea of chilling outdoors in such a quiet place.

  15. Elizabeth O says:

    This villa looks so fantastic. The ambiance of this place is so calming and relaxing. Perfect for a stay cation. Love to visit there someday.

  16. Nothing like being able to find good food while staying at a new place. Glad you enjoyed yourself

  17. The olive groves are my favorite. Plus the Tuscan food 🙂 The ambience looks so inviting and welcoming.

  18. Utminh says:

    I have never been to Altopascio. Seeing a great place to go relax and enjoy.

  19. Dena says:

    What a dream getaway! Italy has always been on my bucket list. Thanks for sharing!

  20. Cia Black says:

    My husband and I were just discussing where we would be going for our 10 year anniversary, and with so many travel blogs I’ve come across lately, I’ve added a ton of new places to our maybe pile and now it looks a though we have one more to add.

  21. Agnes says:

    This is exactly how I picture my next vacation. Have always wanted to visit Tuscany because of the architecture, peaceful vibe and good food.

  22. thenafranssen says:

    This looks amazing, I am so jealous. Love the pics!!!!!!!!!!

  23. Ooh, how beautiful! What a gorgeous place to stay. I love Italy! We took our children to Rome earlier this year – 10 years after my husband and I honeymooned travelling from Rome to Sicily. I have always wanted to go to Tuscany – possibly thinking of it next summer. Thanks for the inspiration.

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