9th November 2017

Luxury Spa Day at Champneys, Tring | AD

Is it just me or has it all of a sudden become freezing cold in the last week? I know that with the clocks going back everything switches around and we do our best to adjust to that extra hour sneaking in there, but how did it get this cold all of a sudden!

I love to be super snug and I love to be warm. Having a good reason to buy a cosy new knit comes easy this time of year. Steve snuck the heating on a couple of weeks ago and I was horrified! My Northern Mum, has installed her “heating is cheating” attitude in me for sure!

I’d had a pretty busy week last week too, work has ramped up, Coby had lots going on at school and what with various other cake related projects going on I was on a serious motivational countdown to Sunday.

Sunday was circled in my diary as spa-day!

I love a spa. Always have. When I was invited by Spa Seekers to try out the spa at Champneys Tring I didn’t hesitate at accepting. As much as I love to relax on some perfect sandy beach there are alternatives that can be found much closer to home too.

Luxury Spa Day at Champneys Tring

For those that really, really struggle to learn how to ‘shut off’ or have no idea what ‘chilling out’ really is, then a spa-day gift could be the perfect solution for them. The run up to Christmas is always manic and a relaxing spa day helps to put a little balance back in there.

How many people do you know that say “I’m exhausted” or “I’m just so tired!” Most people can’t remember the last time they did something for themselves. Life happens. Work, kids, home-life, relationships, they all happen. We rarely put ourselves first and often burn ourselves out. I’m a firm believer in self-care.

We’ve been given one body, one opportunity to live this life and we should take care of it.

Luxury Spa Day at Champneys Tring

First impressions

As Britain’s original health spa Champneys Tring is wonderfully impressive.

Luxury Spa Day at Champneys Tring

Sweeping driveways, manicured lawns and a hallway filled with orchids and fresh flowers – you just know as soon as you enter you’re in for a special day.

Luxury Spa Day at Champneys Tring

Luxury Spa Day at Champneys Tring

Luxury Spa Day at Champneys Tring

Checked in, spa-bag handed over, refreshments enjoyed in the drawing room I was then led around the beautifully maintained manor house for a tour – I admired the high ceilings, ornate detailing and gorgeous flocked wallpaper, it became clear I was somewhere pretty special. This was going to be a spa day like no other.

Luxury Spa Day at Champneys Tring

While remaining faithful to its history, Champneys Tring has also moved with the times. There are swimming pools, steam rooms, saunas, a gym, tennis courts…

Luxury Spa Day at Champneys Tring

But then there’s also a Thalassotherapy pool, a Wellbeing and Detox Centre…

but then there's also a Thalassotherapy pool, a Wellbeing and Detox Centre.

And plenty of snug corners to curl up with your favourite book or to have a little snooze…

Luxury Spa Day at Champneys Tring

My favourite spot was this relaxtion area. It was peaceful, calm and utterly tranquil. Water beds to lounge on with refreshments on tap and soft fluffy towels on hand when needed.

Luxury Spa Day at Champneys Tring

On that note…

Slips into robes and heads off to the spa…

The Treatments

From massage and facials to wraps and scrubs, there’s a carefully-crafted list of dreamy treatments for everyone. A day at Champneys wouldn’t be complete without a massage.

My first treatment was the 50 minute Aromatherapy Associates Full Body massage. Led to the small treatment room decorated in calming tones with just a dimmed light to see with quiet relaxing music playing in the background my therapist was incredibly professional and made me feel very at ease. Laying face down on the soft, gently warmed massage bed covered in a soft blanket I found myself drifting off into a hypnotic state whilst she slowly worked every bit of tension out of my body. My muscles melted and relaxed under her touch.

Luxury Spa Day at Champneys Tring

Wandering over to the relaxation hideaway where all I could smell were the oils left on my skin. Calm, de-stressed and relaxed.

Luxury Spa Day at Champneys Tring

Luxury Spa Day at Champneys Tring

At the end of my day I also was treated to a 25 minute personalised facial and my skin felt smooth, fresh and looked a little more ‘glowy’ than usual.

The Food

Everything served at the spa is in keeping with making your mind and body feel good, all healthy (nearly) and nutritious nothing is lacking in flavour or yumminess. In fact, the inclusive lunch was probably one of the nicest buffet experiences I’ve had.

Luxury Spa Day at Champneys Tring

but then there's also a Thalassotherapy pool, a Wellbeing and Detox Centre.

Champneys Tring is just spectacular and as we’re now in the run-up to Christmas a spa-experience day has made its way onto my Christmas pressie list for a few family members. An experience rather than something material can be one of the best gifts. We’re less likely to book these things for ourselves and when we receive them as gifts we wonder why we never do it!

Mum… pretend you haven’t read this or you’re going to ruin your surprise!

8 responses to “Luxury Spa Day at Champneys, Tring | AD”

  1. Alicia says:

    Wow, I’m jealous, looks luxurious!

  2. oh i love spa days, I miss them, hopefully I can go soon this winter. Beautiful place and review

  3. BuffaloPO says:

    I love to spoil myself with a good spa day. This looks great I’m glad you had fun

  4. Eva says:

    Oh I love Spa getaways and badly need one! They are perfect even if on your own or in couple as a romantic getaway. This sounds heavenly.

  5. Ooh Champneys Tring looks like a gorgeous place! You just can’t beat a good spa day – especially one that also gives you tasty food. I’ve got one this week and I cannot wait!

  6. This place is so luxurious. Its look itself is relaxing in nature. And those food photos are so great that making me hungry.

  7. Your photos are absolutely stunning; you have managed to capture the beauty and luxury of the spa completely. I am definitely booking myself a massage to help me get through the madness of December!

  8. Oh wow this looks like an incredible day, it would be a lovely treat to be pampered x

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